Between Then And Now By Zoe York

Monday, September 09, 2013

What is in a kiss?

Today I’m going to share first kiss excerpts from two books in my small-town contemporary series about a town called Wardham. In both cases, it’s not the first time the characters have kissed each other, but it is the first time in front of the reader.

Do you remember your first kiss? How about your first kiss with your current partner? In the second full-length novel in The Wardham Series, Where Their Hearts Collide, coming out in October, the readers will get to experience Karen and Paul’s first kiss right along with them. It’s interesting to reflect back on these two kisses, and see how different they are when loaded with history. Of course, a first kiss ever isn’t without weight, either: hope, promise, fear. A not insignificant amount of concern that the hottie might not know what to do with their tongue! But if they do, watch out. Because a kiss is just the start of something special.

Carrie and Ian, Between Then and Now

The back door swung open, and Ian stepped into the kitchen. He shrugged off his leather jacket and hung it on a high hook. Good lord, he was handsome. Tired, though. When had he started to look so weary? Her heart ached to smooth that away, make it easier for him. Before she could say anything, Drew had leapt into his dad’s arms, and just like that, Ian lit up. “Hey bud, were you a good boy today for Mommy?”

The three-year-old bobbed his head solemnly. “No timeouts, no twouble.”

“That’s what I like to hear. I’m gonna take a quick shower, you go play.” Drew hit the ground running, and finally Ian was across the room. She lifted her face for a kiss. Too quick. Never enough time. She sighed, and he tipped her chin up with one knuckle.

“Hey, babe.”


“Missed you today. Miss you every day.” That smile again. Too weak. What was on his mind?

“Everything okay?” He nodded and leaned in to dust her mouth with another kiss.

“More,” she whispered.

His tongued darted out and swiped at her bottom lip. Eight years and she still shivered.

Laney and Kyle,
What Once Was Perfect

She lifted her head and he was torn between wanting her to see where he had wandered in his mind, and hoping she’d return to her original position so he could keep smelling her hair like a pervert. He didn’t dare think that she might be wandering around the same spots on memory lane, even when she pressed her forehead against his chin, then rubbed up his face until her lips connected with his jaw. Kyle stifled a groan and eased her legs down to the ground, freeing his arm to press between their bodies.

“Laney, sweetheart, that’s not a good idea.” It’s brilliant, asshole, shut up. He could barely grind out the words. His body was not on board with being noble.

“Probably not.” She pressed against his hand, flat against her upper chest, stretching her body to reconnect with his face, and the upper swell of her breast filled his palm.

This time the groan was louder. “Tell me to stop.”

“We’re going to regret this.” Freud would have a field day with what was going in his head. Baser instincts were definitely gaining traction.

“Probably. Tell me to stop.” Her lips found the corner of his mouth, at an angle, and then her face turned again and they were sharing the barest of open mouth kisses, her bottom lip resting on his, pressing it down. Her eyes were wide, pupils dark and full of want. He didn’t see any hesitation, only heat, and his resolve slipped. One kiss. He let her breath slip into his mouth, hot and moist, and he was lost, disoriented in a mixed fog of memories and unfulfilled fantasies.


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Author Bio: Zoe York lives in London, Ontario with her young family. She has an English degree and works at a university, so it was probably a foregone conclusion that she'd write a romance novel one day. She’s currently working on the second full-length novel in The Wardham Series.