Carnival Temptress By Michelle Monkou

Monday, April 08, 2013

When you think of the Caribbean, you can’t help but think of the white beaches and turquoise waters, sunny, tropical weather, coconut trees and rum punches.
One more tribute to the Caribbean is its Carnival, an annual celebration that most times coincides with the pre-Lenten calendar or with its celebration after the historical crop harvest. It’s not unusual, however, for islands to plan their carnivals off the religious calendar and to capitalize on tourist seasons. Nevertheless, each island has its unique style to mark the festivities that embraces all to participate in the revelry.

By the 18th century, Carnival had evolved in Trinidad and Tobago to resemble more of the modern celebration. Carnival’s history spans the French and Spanish occupation, along with an evolution of their customs, traditions, and Catholic religion.

“Farewell To The Flesh,” as some may call it, can be interpreted with religious overtones, as abstaining from red meat during the Lenten season or with more secular leanings to experience with wild abandon sin-laden fun before the solemn. With the latter interpretation providing a wonderful landscape for writer’s license, I wrote Carnival Temptress, the first of several digital-only novellas, under the Revelers series.

Carnival Temptress is served up with steamy romance, a touch of suspense, and lots of fun. Four friends knocked around by life’s arbitrary and fickle nature embark on a trip to Trinidad for the magical experience of its trademark Carnival. Micha Lindsey and her friends are heading to the annual festivities that promise to make them forget their worries and heartbreaks. Out of a job, and out of a relationship, Micha is ready to have Carnival work its magic on her. What she didn’t expect was for sexy, brooding Amar Jaikaran, her youthful crush, to be the one with the magic touch.

Amar Jaikaran feels invaded by his sister and her friends who noisily barge into his life. From the first day, he’s appreciative of Micha’s transformation from the giggly teen who he remembered to this stunning, curvaceous beauty. Separately, they have experienced their share of pain and loss. Would a few days of tossing aside inhibitions and celebrating life’s pleasures heal their wounds and steer them toward each other to fall in love? (Note: Very sexy, very sensual, graphic language)

So, please share with me a few romantic settings that make for a great backdrop to drop in a sexy, hot hero and feisty, beautiful heroine. A lucky winner will be gifted a copy of

Carnival Temptress in appreciation for participating.

Michelle Monkou
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