Chance Of A Lifetime By Jodi Thomas

Monday, January 07, 2013

Welcome to my town, Harmony, Texas. I thought readers might like to start the new year with a book set in a small town called CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. Once in a while everything comes together in a story that makes it fun to write. I think you’ll love the visit where secrets whisper of old love affairs and kindness to others warms your heart.

I wanted to write a deep love story about two people who had been friends in childhood and lost each other one night because of an attack. She was hurt and he felt guilty for not being there to help. When Emily Tomlinson sees Tannon Parker ten years later, they don’t know how to mend the fences to find one another again. I wanted to write a very tender love story about an attraction far deeper than physical, a love that went all the way to their hearts.

While they are getting to know one another, they’re also dealing with problems in the library that she runs. The place is suddenly infested with want-to-be writers meeting upstairs.

If you are looking for a book that will let you step out of daily life into a world of mystery, laughs and falling in love, you’ll enjoy CHANCE OF A LIFETIME.

So, come along with me to Harmony.

Jodi Thomas

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