Chaperoning Paris By Victoria Pinder

Monday, June 30, 2014

New Married Life and Publishing New Genre all at the same time.

To say this month or the past few months have been a whirlwind of activity is putting it mildly. No one explains how brides get wedding brain before the wedding. Small details became important. Writing took a back seat for a few months. I was getting married.
If you asked me before I met my now husband, I was known for quotes like this ‘I live in Miami and I’m not from here. I moved here and I’m not for the dating lifestyle. I guess I’ll be single forever and have my romance novels to keep on dreaming.’ Then I met my now husband, and my cynicism about marriage changed entirely.

Then I changed jobs, met my husband, and life sped up. I always said 2014 was my year after signing the first contract, and the truth is I’m looking forward to 2015 a lot too. 2014 has been amazing and I hope your year is going fast and it’s exciting too. I had signed contracts for books to be released this year, and I’m thrilled.

I call contemporary new. My first novel I ever wrote was a contemporary, but it was bad. To make the characters more believable, I just turned them into gods and called it a paranormal. Clearly I had a lot to learn. No wonder I had lots of rejections.

Then I sat down to write science fiction/fantasy because that was where I drifted. But I always penned contemporaries too. And to have my two publishing houses decide the week of my wedding was when the books were ready for publication… AHHH. The wedding took priority. It had too!!!

And it’s such a shame because contemporaries are fun to write. Chaperoning Paris made me sad then joyful. Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush just made me laugh. But they were fun and deserve to be treated like the children they are. And in some ways books are like children. We don’t quit on the books. In other ways they are not, but the writer’s voice is embedded in there.

Anyhow my advice for any writer or reader is prioritize your life. The wedding and honeymoon came first for me. The new husband is great. We need time to be, and that’s what this time is. He makes coming home from the day job more enjoyable because my life truly matters at home.

As a single woman, I never had that. I made my days productive, but I never had the thrill of coming home to someone I love.

For love advice, I’d recommend a year or two of prime time dating years as ‘me time.’ If we’re comfortable with ourselves, in our own skin, and know what makes us tick and happy, then it’s the appreciation of sharing comes into play. Perhaps my oldest child of multiple children childhood played a role in this advice. Growing up it was always sharing and responsibility. I had to learn ‘me.’ My parents are not creative. I am and it’s okay to let the imagination run. I had to learn that too.

Now life has changed.

This foundation will get us through whatever bad might come in the future, but who knows. Today is awesome.

Most readers probably understand. If you are a writer like I was in the past, then don’t forget to live. The vision of Steven King writing his novels in the winters of Maine and not coming out of the house always played in my mind as success. Now the concept that Nora Roberts raised her boys, remarried and writes romance is my new mind vision of a writer’s life.

Do you have a writer’s vision of what your life should be like? Even if you are not a writer, but a reader, imagining your life is so important. Then you can reimagine it and shape your life the way you want too. It’s why that’s my tagline. To me it’s a personal motto. Changes aren’t always scary. Sometimes they are amazing.

Last thing, marriage is amazing. I have a friend who was married young then divorced, but I always enjoy her saying ‘everyone should get married at least once and try it out.’ I tend to agree, but if you know yourself and your needs then you know where you bend and stay strong so much easier. So I’d add ‘know thyself’ then ‘be ready to share.’ I think we learned a children ‘caring means sharing.’ As adults that lesson becomes important too.

Victoria Pinder
Always Reimagining Life