Cold As Ice By Charlene Groome

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Warriors take to the ice again in Charlene Groome's sensational series about hockey players and the women who love them. But the team's new addition may have to work for a warm welcome...

Defenseman Devin Miller has bounced from team to team and city to city, but he's finally ready to settle down-professionally and personally. The Warriors seems like the perfect fit. Now all he needs is the right woman to start a family with-and he's willing to put in the practice to find her.

Sports anchor Carla Sinclair already doesn't like Vancouver's hot new acquisition. So when she's persuaded to interview him, she's not prepared for the chemistry between them. But though Devin seems eager to show Carla his moves-on and off the ice-he keeps his personal life off-limits. Frustrated by him in more ways than one, Carla decides to track down Devin's secrets on her own-and soon must decide if their attraction is worth the hit to her fragile heart...

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Excerpt from Cold As Ice

“So, what do you want?” Carla asks, one hand on her hip. Devin gives her a half
smile, looking at her with his weighty brown eyes. The thickness of his eyebrows and short, black hair have Carla taking in his every facial feature.

He hasn’t stopped looking at her. Is her makeup okay? Is her shirt too revealing? It
always feels good wearing something loose or low-cut, something she wouldn’t or couldn’t wear to work.

“Nothing,” he says. “Thought you’d want a drink. Who are you with?”

“Why? Are you interested in one of them?”

“Nope. I’m interested in you.”

She throws her head back and her heel falls behind her other foot for balance.

“Seriously?” Carla puckers her honey-dipped lips and puts a hand on the bar, facing him.

“I am!” he says, turning his hand over before grabbing his glass. “You don’t believe me.”

“I’m not sure that I do,” she says, eyeing him.

“Have a seat!” he says, with a wave of his hand at the empty seat.

She looks beside her at the empty chair. “I can’t. I’m with my friends,” she says. “I’d
invite you over, but I’ll want to interview you.” She steps away from the bar. Does he remember the last time they spoke? Didn’t he think she was an idiot? “I’ve had a couple drinks so it would be unprofessional.”

“I’m sure we can find something to talk about other than hockey.”

She blinks her eyes. “Tempted, but hockey’s on my mind,” she says. Work was always
on her mind. If she could interview Devin and break a story—a story that’s desperately needed in sports right now because the reporting has been so dry—it would excite her and her audience. “Plus, I want it taped.”

His expression goes from smirk to serious. “I can talk hockey anytime. It’s never stale.”

“Let me know when you’re available.” She flips her hair back off her shoulder.

“Give me a place and time. I’ll be there.”

“Come on, Miller, you’re not that easy. I’ve been trying to get an interview since you
arrived here forty-eight hours ago. You never returned my calls.”

“I don’t remember giving you my number,” he says, feeling the wet glass with his

“You haven’t,” she snaps, folding her arms to her chest. “Your PR lady said she would pass along the message. Did you get it?”

His eyes close slightly, his look mysterious like the first time they met at the Dome.

“Maybe I did,” he says. “I don’t remember now.” His eyes narrow playfully.

“I’m a reporter, not a crazy fan,” she says. “You don’t have to worry, I won’t give out
your number.”

“I like crazy fans,” he says, arching the side of his lip.

How kissable those lips must be.

“I can only imagine,” she says, blinking, thinking about two different things. She had to
stop thinking about Devin’s lips and how they would feel against her skin. He probably had a girlfriend or girlfriends. He wouldn’t be interested in her anyway and she is definitely not interested in him. No way would she be caught gallivanting around with a guy who is on the road half the year with God only knows how many women he has nipping at his feet.

“Imagine what?” He tilts his chin.

“That you have an entourage following you everywhere you go? I don’t
doubt it.”

“Every team has them,” he says.

“Sure they do.”

“It’s a bit crazy at times here, too, after a game…”

“So, Devin, what do you want from me?”

He glances down at his almost empty beer. “If you want an interview, I want a night out
with you. Show me the city.”

She burst out laughing. “You have teammates for that,” she says, staring at his prickly
chin. “Ask one of the guys.”

“I plan to stay here for a while. I need to know about the city I’m playing in.”

“Do you do this in every city you play in? Get a chaperone to show you around?”

“No, this is the first.” He looks up at her and their eyes meet. For a second, Carla can
barely breathe, mesmerized by his seductive eyes, so dark they make her heartbeat carry on with double rhythm.

She swallows hard. “For some reason I don’t believe that.”

“Believe it! Do you have a hard time meeting friends?”


“Then it shouldn’t be a problem if we get to know each other.”

She stares at him, contemplating. “That can’t happen.”

“Why not?”

“Because…” She’s stumped. “Because it can’t.”

“You don’t think I’m good enough for the team, do you?”