Command Performance By Sara Jane Stone

Thursday, October 03, 2013

I’m thrilled RomCon® asked me to talk about my debut novel, Command Performance, a red-hot entry in Harlequin Blaze’s Uniformly Hot! series! I recently asked my Facebook fans and the lovely audience at the Blaze Authors’ blog if they were interviewing a debut author, what would they want to know? Drawing from their questions, I’ve put together a little interview for you.

What inspired you to write COMMAND PERFORMANCE?

The New York Times Book Review. Seriously. Years ago, I saw a review for a nonfiction book, HORSE SOLDIERS: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of U.S. Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan by Doug Stanton. After reading the review (and later the book), I couldn’t shake the feeling that the combination of cowboy and solider would make an awesome hero for a romance novel. And what these real-life soldiers did? Amazing. So I knew I wanted to work a few of the details of the real-life mission into the story. But just a few. The mission featured in COMMAND PERFORMANCE is a work of fiction. How long did it take you to write COMMAND PERFORMANCE?

I wrote the first draft in about six months, but there were many weeks during that time when I did not write a word. I first pitched the idea for this book to my agent around the same time I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I literally sent the final draft out from my hospital bed where I’d been on bed rest waiting for my daughter’s arrival. She was born hours after I hit send. Of course, there were many, many rounds of revisions after that.

How many books did you write before selling your first?

I wrote three full manuscripts before I started working on COMMAND PERFORMANCE. And each one of those manuscripts taught me so much about writing, but I do not have plans to share them with readers.

Now that you are published, what is your biggest fear? And how are you working through it?

I love this question! My biggest fear is that readers will not fall in love with Hunter and Maggie’s story. What has helped me work through this? Interacting with readers! Every time someone contacts me through Facebook or sends me an email telling me how much they are looking forward to reading COMMAND PERFORMANCE, the fear slips away. I’ve also received some very kind reviews. Library Journal called COMMAND PERFORMANCE “a red-hot debut” and RT Book Reviews described it as “a steamy tale with likable characters.” I’ve also received some glowing reviews from early readers. Knowing they enjoyed the book is so rewarding that it hard to hold on to fear.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do when you’re not writing? Do you have hobbies?

I’m a former publishing sales representative turned stay-at-home mom who lives in Brooklyn, New York. When I’m not writing, I’m generally chasing my three-year old son and twenty-one month old daughter. When they are awake, they are in constant motion. I love taking advantage of all New York City has to offer for little kids. We regularly visit the zoo, the botanical gardens, and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. I’ve also spent countless hours at the transit museum with my son who adores trains. We’ve even made a trip out of going to Grand Central and watching the people who travel in and out of the city each day for work board their trains. On rainy days, we stay in and indulge my daughter’s newfound love of tea parties. I guess you could say trains and tea parties are my hobbies these days. And of course, reading—everything from Dr. Seuss to Maya Banks.

COMMAND PERFORMANCE is available in print and ebook! Want to learn more about the book? Keep reading.

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