Cowboy, It's Cold Outside By Katherine Gerbara

Monday, November 24, 2014

COWBOY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE is the fourth book in my The Scott Brothers series for Montana Born books. Each of the brothers is markedly different especially Trey. He’s the middle brother smack between two older cowboys and too younger warriors. He’s a photo journalist who lives life safely behind his camera and views the world through his lens until one snowy December evening when he arrives in Marietta to find his brother’s house empty except for the very tempting Lucy DeMarco.

This is a Christmas story that brings together two wandering souls. Lucy’s not really excited about the holiday season this year, but as she and Trey embark on a holiday affair they both find the true meaning of the spirit of Christmas.

For me the holiday is all about food and music. I love gifts—don’t get me wrong, but my most cherished holiday memories involve sitting around a large table with my family. I included a scene in the story that kind of reminds of them. Here’s a little snippet:

Evan and J.T. told jokes that were corny but made everyone laugh. It was the kind of dinner she’d always wanted to have in her home. She was surrounded by family, and a part of her felt like the Little Match Girl looking in the window at something that she couldn’t have.

But she knew that she’d made Marietta her home and this could be her reality. All she had to do was reach out and take it.

Just be.

Her mom’s mantra whispered into the corner of her mind and she looked up from her plate to find Trey staring at her. He watched her with that steady, level gaze of his, and an expression on his face that she hadn’t noticed before. She realized then that he didn’t have his camera.

Normally when everyone was together Trey grabbed it at once and started snapping photos - taking himself out of the scene so that he didn’t have to react, she understood. But he wasn’t doing that this time.

“Uncle Trey,” Evan said, “What’s a kid’s favorite king at Christmas?”

Trey turned to his left to face Evan, putting his arm on the back of his nephew’s chair. “I have no idea,” he said. “What is it?”

“A stoc-KING,” Evan said, giggling.

“Good one,” Trey said ruffling his hair.

Not to be outdone, J.T. leaned across the table. “Uncle Trey I’ve got one. What did the cow say on Christmas morning?”

Trey shook his head. “I give up, what’d he say?”

“Moooey Christmas!”

Lucy laughed and sat back in her chair, then noticed that Gabe was watching her watch Trey. He arched his eyebrows and she just smiled and shrugged. There wasn’t a thing that Gabe could do at this point to protect her or to keep her from falling for Trey.


The other thing that I incorporated into this story was my family’s traditional recipes. Lucy makes my favorite cookies when she bakes for Trey and gives them to him on St. Nicholas Day. It’s a saint feast day that my family has always celebrated.

We eat a lot of garlic bread during the holiday season—it sort of goes with everything. Here is my recipe for a compound butter that I spread on the bread for baking it. For a low-cal alternative cut a clove of garlic in half and rub it on slices of toasted french bread. It has that yummy garlic taste with out the guilt of butter. But the holidays are sort of indulging so if you decide to go for full fat—try this!

Here’s my recipe for compound butter used to make garlic bread.

Toss three cloves of garlic into the food processor with 2 sticks of butter and a handful of chopped parsley. Softened butter works better! Once it’s combined spread it on slices of a baguette and then pop in the oven (375 F or 180 C) until the butter is melted and the bread is lightly toasted.

What’s your favorite part of the holiday? Do you have a favorite song or recipe or maybe family moment? Tell me about it to be entered to win a copy of COWBOY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE and last year’s A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS.