Easy Like Sunday Mourning By Jennie Marts

Monday, March 31, 2014

Writers Retreats to Beat Writers Block
By Jennie Marts

Being stuck on your current WIP is no fun! Especially if you are on a deadline. It’s even worse if you are a ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-your-Pantser’ and you’re waiting for the story to come to you and your characters voices are deafeningly silent in your ears.

 A favorite trick of mine is to set up my own mini-writing-retreat. For me, all a writing retreat needs is a notebook, a purple pen, a Snickers bar, a bag a Cheetos, two Diet Cokes and a quiet place to write. Sometimes I bring my laptop, but that makes it hard because then I get Cheetos-dust on the keyboard.

Changing the place you write and your writing medium are great ways to change-up and often ‘charge-up’ your writing energy. Take a break from your laptop and your desk and change your surroundings. Get a new perspective with a new landscape. Take a blanket and go to a park. Enjoy the breeze as you sit in the grass and write a description of the town where your story is.

 Take your laptop to a coffeeshop and get caffeinated and rejuvenated. Pick an interesting person in the coffeeshop to write a quick character sketch on, then find a way to add them into your story. Or write a detailed description of your favorite fun coffee and pastry, then have a character in your book eat or drink the same thing.

Visit a local landmark in your town, sit on a bench and watch tourists mill around. Find a way to add a landmark into the town where your story is. Have your character go on a field trip to it and come up with something that changes them while they are there.

Maybe they learn something about the history of their town or find a clue to a long-lost ancestry. Maybe they bump into another character there, or witness a murder, or overhear a robbery plot, or fall in love. I write romantic/comedy/mysteries so my character would probably find a way to do all of those things in the space of an afternoon.

Take an hour retreat and go get a frozen yogurt or an ice cream cone. Sit at a table and write about the taste, the texture, how you feel when you eating the ice cream and then use that in a scene. Even if you don’t use it in a scene—hey, you still got to have ice cream, so I consider that a win-win!

Having a writer’s retreat is simply taking a mental and sometimes physical break from the ordinary way that you write. It’s putting yourself in a different frame of mind, and often a different locale. It can be as quick and easy as taking a break and doing a menial task that lets your mind wander while keeping your body busy doing something else, like taking the dog for a walk or running a sink full of warm sudsy water and hand-washing the dishes. Or, it can be as elaborate as taking a weekend away, and holing up in a hotel with no internet and carryout pizza.

Whatever you do, know that you are not alone and writer’s block is often fleeting. It’s like being in that conversation where you can’t think of that ‘one’ word that would describe it perfectly, as if the word had just vanished from your brain, then on the way home you stop your car to fill up with gas and the word magically pops into your head as you insert your debit card.

Because writing is like that. It is often magical and wonderful and terrifying and terrible. It can make you feel ten feet tall and as small and insignificant as a slug. But those words, those stories are inside of us, just waiting for the right moment to pour free. So grab a pen and some Cheetos and hang on. And just enjoy the ride.


I love to hear from readers and writers alike so leave a comment below with your favorite place to take a retreat- for writing or reading- and what snack MUST you bring along!

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