Escape To Paradise By Robyn Rychards

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tropical Island Getaways

It seems to me, when someone says the word, ‘paradise’, we immediately think of a tropical island. Lush vegetation, the perfect weather, sunshine, ocean, gorgeous scenery. It always sounds like the perfect place to escape to when our lives get to be overwhelming. It’s what my hero does in my latest contemporary romance, Escape to Paradise. To get away from his life, he goes to St. Barthelemy in the West Indies. When I started doing research on island getaways, looking for a setting for my story idea, I was overwhelmed with the desire to escape to one myself. And the more I researched St. Barth, the more I wanted to go there. A few years later, after the initial search was over, I came into a windfall. Suddenly I had the funds for a pricey vacation. Did I choose St. Barth, or some other paradise? Hawaii, Tahiti, Bermuda, Fiji? The possibilities are endless and the choice can be overwhelming and difficult. In the end, I chose none of these lovely spots, even though I’m dying to see such places in real life. Instead, I’m going to London, Paris and the French Riviera, which does involve a beach! And when I return, I’ll most likely write a story that’s set in one of the places I visit. I’m longing to, and I haven’t even been there yet!

In Escape to Paradise, the heroine, Andrée Bancroft, has grown up on an island, it’s the only place she’s known, so her exotic venture is to the United States. The hero, Maximillian Chanteur, on the other hand, has travelled extensively, as he’s a famous rock star, and wants nothing more than to get away from everything in a secluded spot like St. Barthelemy. Here’s a little excerpt from it I hope you enjoy:

It took several moments for him to gather himself and harden his heart. He knew why she was here and why she was half-dressed. And though it may be cynical of him, he was convinced it had nothing to do with the fact this was St. Barthelemy where going topless—naked even—on the beach was commonplace. He was at his aunt and uncle’s villa to get away from an endless stream of girls just like this one. Girls a rock star has showing up anywhere and everywhere. Some fans, some seriously fanatical, all of which, after more than a decade, were getting to be too much.
Actually, he was surprised by his gut reaction to her. She wasn’t his type at all. Dark, petite and exotic got him hot and bothered every, single, time. But he wasn’t going to think about her—the other reason for his escape to the West Indies.
Squeezing his eyes shut, he let the soft breeze soothe him. He’d gotten so far off track the last few years his music had suffered. St. Barth was a last ditch effort to get it back. And how he loathed the desperation that brought him to that point. Blowing out a breath, he opened his eyes. He was sick to death of its companionship, so anxious to get rid of it he had travelled a god-awful distance to shake it.

So, I’d love to hear where it is you’d go to on vacation if you could go anywhere, or what’s your favorite spot, if you’ve been already, and why.