Ex On The Beach By Kim Law

Monday, February 25, 2013

EX ON THE BEACH, and what is a serial…

Ex on the Beach - Andie Shayne is getting ready to host the wedding of the summer at her resort on Turtle Island. As the guests arrive she’s taken aback to learn that her ex--who left her at the altar--is the best man. What he did was unforgivable, and now he’s back with an agenda for her affection. – Only $1.99 at

There’s a new way to read a book these days, which is not only fun, but also cheap! What I’m talking about are Kindle Serials. They are full length books, for (usually) half the price you would normally pay for the electronic version of the book, only they get released by episodes. Kind of like those favorite TV shows you might be on the edge of your seat waiting for each week!

Each episode is 2-3 chapters, and new episodes arrive automatically (for free) every two weeks. And even if you don’t own a Kindle, you can read them with Amazon’s free Kindle apps.

This format is different, and may make some people scream NOOOOO at the thought of
reading only part of a book and then waiting. Trust me, I know. I did at first! But after checking out a couple, I’m finding them to be loads of fun to read—as well as to write.

It’s just enough to read on your lunch hour, sneak in while cooking dinner, or maybe while you’re waiting at the school/ballgame/etc. to pick up a kid. And they always leave off on a cliffhanger, giving you that sweet anticipation as you wait for the next episode to arrive.

Even more fun, you can go to the online forums between episodes and discuss what you thought, or what you’re hoping might be coming up next. Some of the authors enjoy posting and chatting with the forum users (I do) and we might even pick up snippets of ideas that’ll show up in later episodes. Because yes, we are still writing future episodes as the early ones are being released!

My latest release, EX ON THE BEACH, is a sexy contemporary that already has two episodes released and the third will be on its way to Kindle owners and Kindle app users tomorrow (3/26.) Below is an excerpt from episode three that will not be released until tomorrow!

I hope you enjoy the idea of a serial, and are willing to give one a try! They are only $1.99, and I’m currently running a contest with three other serial authors where the winner gets a Kindle Fire HD. There will also be $20 Amazon gift cards given away along the way. You can check out all the details on my contest page. -

And please…ask any questions about how serials work that you’d like! I’m excited to be a part of this new format so would love to help others discover this new fun way to read!

Helping each other to their feet, they made their way up the beach until they hit dry land, then plopped down, not touching, to sit facing the water. She pressed her fingertips to her lips.

Christ, it was still hot between them.

She looked at him. “We can’t do this, Mark.”

He sat there, knees raised and arms propped across them, wet hair pushed back off his face, and water dripping from his chin. And he watched her. His dark eyes stared into her soul and she wanted to crawl over in front of him and kiss him again. The man oozed potency.

“We can’t,” she reiterated, needing him to agree so she wouldn’t be tempted to change her mind. “It’s a horrible idea.”

“Funny, it didn’t feel like a horrible idea.” His voice was low and deep, and she closed her eyes at the sound of it, turning away so he couldn’t see what it did to her.

“But it is,” she whispered. “And we both know it.” She would have stood up if she hadn’t still been out of breath from dragging herself from the water. Getting her thoughts under control, she peered back at him. “That kiss was good-bye, Mark. I never got it before, and I think maybe I needed it. But it’s good-bye.”

He nodded, not arguing but not looking particularly convinced, either. “Pretty hot good-bye, babe. You sure we shouldn’t go with it? Could make for an interesting couple of weeks.”

Light laughter lifted out of her and she dropped back to the sand to stare up at the dark sky, knowing she was a miserable mess, both inside and out. “Would definitely make for an interesting couple of weeks, but no. This wedding is important to me. I’ve got to focus all my attention on getting it right.”

He went silent and she realized she’d just done what he’d always accused her of, putting the job before him. But she had to. The job was her life. He was not.

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