Fly Away Home By Jude Willhoff

Monday, February 03, 2014

The Courage to Leave Home

Do you remember when you left home for the first time, moving into your first apartment, going off to college, or getting married? Were you happy or sad? What was your leaving home experience? For most of us it was bitter sweet. We were happy to start on our life’s journey but deep down, maybe we were a little scared or reluctant to leave behind the comforts of home and friends we’d known all our lives. Would you be strong enough, have enough faith to pack up and walk away from everything you’ve ever known? Cindy Dawson must leave behind all her friends and her hometown to give herself a chance to find true love.

Fly Away Home

After being betrayed by her cheating ex-husband, Cindy Dawson makes a major decision to go after what she wants--a family of her own. Being the last single woman in her group of friends in Cedar Falls, Colorado, Cindy decides she needs to leave town—their happiness is killing her. She takes a job in Denver and joins a singles group to find her soul mate. For love and to realize her dream she’ll take the chance of rejection. She learns she has to date a lot of frogs to get to the prince.

Officer Jack Riley wants nothing more than to be left alone. He works the night shift and does free lance writing for a magazine. When he goes undercover to get the story about dating in the singles scene he hates the idea. He’s anything but a swinging single and he’ll never be ready for the dating scene again. When he meets Cindy, he begins to realize there is more to life than grieving the loss of loved ones and fighting his own demons. She’s nothing he expected but everything he needs. He realizes he isn’t really living, if he’s not out there experiencing life in all its messiness—the good, the bad and the love.

Cindy Dawson and Jack Riley must learn to forgive the past in order to embrace the bright future that beckons them.


"Great buns. Muscular thighs...mum Baby, come to Mama." The dusky light of evening played
along the Denver skyline, but Cindy Dawson could still see enough of the nearly naked jogger to cause heart palpitations. The tight, skimpy shorts covering his backside brought a whistle to her lips. For a split second, her eyes wandered from the road as she reached for her cell phone, then glanced back to see the flash of

red tail lights. "Oh, God." She swerved and stomped the brakes to the floor.

The sound of crunching metal and breaking glass drowned out her scream as the air bag exploded. Slamming into something solid, everything came to a halt. The noise of the accident reverberated into a million tiny white shooting stars pulsating in her head. A shiver of panic forced her brain to function. Over the deflating air bag the front of her red Jeep Cherokee curled around the back of a police cruiser. The clanking of the engine stopped as a last shuddering breath of white smoke puffed from the motor spraying water everywhere. "I'm so sorry, Matilda," she murmured and patted her dashboard with an unsteady hand.

The sound of a siren pierced the false calm. Her face tingled from the impact, but nothing seemed to be broken. In the glow of the early evening streetlight, her head tipped toward the jogger racing up to the car. Looking old and tired, he didn't seem to be as cute up close and personal. And to think she had whistled at this guy. Clearing vision brought a disturbing thought to the surface. Leopard print Speedos on a pot belly old bald man--didn't do a thing for her.

Someone called from the driver's side of her car. "Hey, are you all right?"

More shaken than she cared to admit she glanced toward the voice. "Yes, I'm okay." A wave of apprehension swept away the brief calm as she wished to be anywhere else. A tall man stood outside the broken window. The sleeves of his shirt were tight against his swelling biceps. A thick shock of dark, wavy hair fell in careless disarray over his forehead. Blazing from a handsome face were his eyes--dark brown like melted chocolate. Their glint mirrored the shiny badge on his chest. He looked pissed. Great...just great.

"Are you hurt?" he asked and quirked a brow.

She blinked and met his eyes without flinching. "No, I...I think I'm okay." Guilt nearly caused the words to lodge in her throat. The smarting on her face from where she'd been smacked by the airbag was minor compared to what this man could do.

She managed a tremulous smile and tried to size up the situation. The man's brooding good looks made her stomach quiver but she hesitated at the spark of anger in his eyes. I'm in so much trouble.

She brushed a long strand of dark hair behind an ear and focused on him. Noting the name on his badge, J. Riley, she said, "I'm so sorry Officer Riley. I only glanced away for a second and when I looked up there you were." She cringed at the strained expression on his face. "I tried to stop." If looks could kill she’d be on the ground twitching.

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