Life After By Kathryn Freeman

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What is so special about three?

Three seems to be a magical number. It is often said that good things come in threes (umm, and bad things, too). In the literary world many famous stories have included the number three; The Three Musketeers, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Three Blind Mice. In maths three is the first odd prime number, and, if you round it up, it’s pi (which I remember from school was pretty important). Buses are said to come in threes. There are three primary colours. When you blow out a candle you make three wishes…and you give three cheers.

Three is special to me, too, because I now have three books published. Two years ago I would have been over the moon to have just one out there and yet here I am, the proud writer of three. My first, Too Charming, wasn’t the first book I wrote. Funnily enough, it was the third. After that came Do Opposites Attract and now my third book, Life After. The thrill of seeing that go live is just as great as the thrill of seeing my first. If you’re surprised at that, just think about books as children. They have a longer gestation period, true (mine are more akin to baby elephants) but the time up to birth is filled with just as much excitement (and exhaustion and pain – I’m thinking editing here!). And when it comes to the actual birth, to that book going live for the first time, is it any less wonderful to see the second or third child born than it was the first? I don’t think so.

The number three is important in Life After, too. The story features Jake, a sexy carpenter who, three years ago, suffered an incident so traumatic he nearly gave up on life altogether. He’s now living in another part of the country and doing a different job. That’s how he meets Kat (a bubbly school headmistress) who commissions him to build a climbing frame for her school. He also meets Kat’s daughter, Molly, a six-year-old chatterbox.

All of which brings us to that magic number three again. It’s three people’s lives who are affected when Jake and Kat start falling for each other. And three people’s lives who are thrown into turmoil when Jake’s past crashes dangerously into his present.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you all health, wealth and happiness - another three

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