Lost In Her Mind By Kellie Kamryn

Thursday, February 07, 2013

After a near fatal car crash, a mother of four is trapped in a dream world, fighting to discover which life is her reality.

Kailey Jacobs wakes to find she is still married to the controlling man she thought she divorced. Memories of a fiancée in another life beckon to her. Confused and scared, Kailey is determined to discover whether the man she feels she belongs with truly exists, or is just a figment of her imagination.

Alex Knight’s fiancée is in a coma after a near-fatal car crash. Her ex-husband is to blame for the accident, but Alex begins to suspect he’s somehow responsible for keeping her comatose as well. He knows he must use his special gift to bring Kailey back to reality. But will it be enough to help her find her way?

"Lost In Her Mind is very different from my usual hot erotic romances. Sensuous and sweet, it is a contemporary paranormal romance about a woman trapped in a coma and rescued by her fiancee who has a unique gift. My thanks to Secret Cravings Publishing for taking a chance on a story with a different twist. 

Over a year ago, I opened my blog to individuals who wanted to tell their stories about how they left abusive domestic situations. On February 8th, Daisy Dunn, Dawne Dominique and I will host An Evening of Romance benefit supporting Osborne House in Winnipeg, Manitoba – a place that helps abused women and children escape their situations. For more information, please visit me on Facebook.

They’d been engaged a year now, and since then, Carl’s anger had surfaced with increasing frequency. Alex was proud of the way Kailey stood up to him, even though he knew first-hand the stress it caused. There were days he wished her ex would drop off the face of the earth.

“A few days ago would’ve been a good opportunity,” he muttered. He shouldn’t wish ill on someone, but couldn’t help it as his fiancée lay in a coma.

He stroked the smooth skin of her temple. “Oh my love,” he murmured, his voice soft and full of emotion. Their wedding was scheduled for a month from now. He knew he should call the caterer, the photographer, and the myriad of other people involved in making sure the day went off without a hitch. None of these things took up significance in his mind. He’d only left her side to eat or go home to change clothes. Thankful Kailey hadn’t been taken from him, he didn’t care when they married, as long as they spent their lives together.

He glanced at the wall separating her room from Carl’s. “Why are they both still out?” he wondered aloud.

Alex pressed Kailey’s palm to his cheek. A feeling of fear jolted him upright. His heart pounded, his breathing labored. “What the hell?” Where was this coming from? He glanced at Kailey’s sleeping form, pressing her hand to his cheek again. The fear returned. The fog of anguish disappeared, and clarity opened his mind.

“What are you afraid of, darling?” he asked, closing his eyes to concentrate. One word flashed across his mind—Carl. Why would she be afraid of him? He opened his eyes. Did Carl have some kind of unconscious hold on her? He certainly still had the ability to upset her in the waking life. Were they somehow connected unconsciously as a result of the accident? If so, could that connection be broken?

The doctor said she could wake any time. Since the first moment he’d touched Kailey four years ago, he knew they had a special connection. Somehow he had to get through to her to find the cause of her fear. Would he be able to use his long-buried gift? For Kailey, he had to try.

* * * *

Kailey stopped short at the entrance to the kitchen. Her entire family was seated around the table—her brothers, sister, parents, a couple of aunts and uncles. Her four kids ran up and hugged her. Stepping back with a small exclamation of pain, she regained her footing, and squeezed them in return. She knelt down, and one by one, planted kisses on each of their sweet faces. Strange. They all looked younger than she remembered.

Two blond toddlers in a playpen cooed at her, and she wondered whose boys they were. Straightening up, she asked Carl, “Who are they?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked, ignoring the children clustered around her and ushering her further into the kitchen.
She gestured at the babies in the playpen. “Whose kids are they?” Everyone in the room ceased talking, shooting her odd looks. “What am I missing?”

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Kellie Kamryn is a former nationally ranked gymnast and gymnastics coach, single mom, author of ten erotic romances and one book of poetry, narrator of audio books for Romance Divine and The Killion Group, and motivational speaker. Find a complete listing of her books and audio books on her website, Amazon, iTunes,, and several other online outlets.  Hear excerpts of her romances – including Lost In Her Mind - on her YouTube channel, and follow her on Facebook, her group Sweet & Sassy Divas & Dudes and Twitter.