Meant To Be By Terri Osburn

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why I Put The Love Of My Life In My Book

The year before my daughter was born, I got a puppy. Though my family had an awesome dog when I was growing up, this was my first dog as an adult. Kind of kid training with four legs and fur. A coworker’s black lab had knocked up a stray mutt, so she was giving away the little fur balls for free. I don’t remember the moment I picked my boy out, but I know it was love at first sight.

Because he was always either barreling through something, or passed out in a heap, I named him Dozer. He quickly became the love of my life.

Within that first year, my free dog contracted mange, ripped out his toenail on our carpet (blood everywhere!), and fought with some wild creature earning himself an abscess on his face. In a short period of time, my free dog had cost me more than a thousand dollars.

But what’s money compared to those big brown eyes, the giant head in your lap, and a lulling black tongue? That’s right. It’s nothing.

Dozer was a year old when my daughter was born, and from the moment we brought her home, she belonged to him. He was her playmate, her guardian and protector. When she cried, he came running. Sweet until I had to repair the hole in a screen door that he created by plowing through it to check on his baby.

As a Chow mix, my boy was a little over-protective.

And so, it was with great pain that I had to leave Dozer behind when I ended my marriage. He’d been raised on the farm, and it would have been cruel to move him to the city where he couldn’t run free. Then several years later, he passed on, over the rainbow bridge, to watch my daughter and I from the clouds. I have no doubt he’ll be waiting when I finally join him.

But before then, I decided to share him with the world in the only way I could. I lent him to the hero of MEANT TO BE, Joe Dempsey, and immortalized Dozer on the page. So when a lovable, rust-colored mutt finds my heroine in the midst of a panic attack and brings his hunky owner to the rescue, you can fall in love with my boy just like I did.

And you might swoon a bit for his fictional owner too.

Do you like to read about pets in Romance novels? Do you have a loving pooch in your life that you’d do anything for? Some other sweet creature? One lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win a copy of my debut novel MEANT TO BE. (Paper or Kindle, winner’s choice.) Good luck!