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Sunday, May 05, 2013

My Unexpected Love for Beta Heroes

Hi, Everyone!

Thank you so much for letting me join you today to talk about my recent release, More Than This, and my love for beta heroes.

Like many readers, I love a great alpha hero. There’s so much to fall for when it comes to alphas. They’re strong and powerful and they take charge of every situation. I believe that part of the draw with alphas is their need to redeem themselves because so often their need to protect and possess makes them come across as an alpha-hole. As readers, we love to watch that transformation take place. Plus, if you add in a good grovel scene, we’re putty in the author’s hands.

It is my love of alphas that made me believe that I would naturally write alpha heroes. Beta heroes are always perceived as weak or laid back. For this reason, I didn’t want to write a beta. Who wants a hero who isn’t willing to go after what he wants?

But then I read an interview with fellow contemporary romance author Ruthie Knox. Ruthie describes betas as men who are nurturers. They are strong, but don’t impose their beliefs or desires on others. This was a true lightbulb moment for me. I realized that by using this definition, I not only love beta heroes, but I also write them.

When I first wrote More Than This, I went into it thinking that Ryan O’Leary was an alpha. After all, he stepped up to take care of the family when his dad died. He runs everything. See that? He takes care of his family—natural nurturer. When Quinn enters his life, he wants to date her, but rather than trying to force her to see things his way, he helps her conquer a list of summer adventures. He comes at things from a different angle to accomplish his goals. He makes himself irresistible.

I’ve written other heroes since Ryan and all of them have beta leanings. Although I still love to watch an alpha have to learn to nurture the heroine, there’s something innately sexy about a man who already knows.

What kind of hero is your favorite? Do you buy books based on how the hero is described?

One lucky commenter will receive a copy of More Than This (ebook only). A name will be picked at random and RomCon will announce the winner.

Good Luck and thanks for reading. Below is the blurb for More Than This. Enjoy!

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When a lonely teacher teams up with a handsome bartender for some outrageous acts, they both get more than they bargained for…
Learning her ex-husband is going to be a father, Quinn Adams is determined to have a baby of her own—without the partnership of a man. But her sister and friends believe she needs to focus on herself first, and step out of her comfort zone by completing a list of adventures. Challenge number one is to go on five dates within two weeks. After a few disastrous attempts, Quinn’s ready to give up—until sexy bartender Ryan O’Leary offers his assistance.
Ryan has always been the dependable one in his family, often at his expense. But lately, he’s been longing for a life—and a woman—of his own. The woman he has in mind is Quinn. Though it seems all she wants is friendship, Ryan can’t ignore the explosive chemistry he feels between them. In the hopes of becoming closer, Ryan offers to help out with Quinn’s list. But when she asks him for a serious favor, he’s afraid it will jeopardize his chance to become more than friends.