My Nora By Holley Trent

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hi, RomCon fans! I’m Holley Trent. I write sassy contemporary romances set in my home state of North Carolina. Today, Karen from my 11/26 Crimson Romance release My Nora is visiting with me. She’s agreed to answer some questions about her brother Matt (a.k.a. big hunky hero) and his sweetheart Manora (a.k.a. the reclusive artist). Stick around to the end for a chance to win a copy of the ebook!

Holley Trent: Hi, Karen. Thanks for playing along. I know you’re busy and would rather be doing other things.

Karen Vogel: True.

HT: Oh-kay. Your brother Matt took on the role of guardian for you when you were just a pre-teen. Now that you’re twenty, how do you feel about living under the same roof with him? You can’t have much in common with a thirty-four-year-old.

KV: It’s all right. I mean, I don’t pay rent, and he fixes stuff that needs fixin’. Only recently did he start making me pay my own cell phone bill.

HT: …

KV: What?

HT: How do you manage to do any romancing with your brother around?

KV: I don’t! Simple as that, but you know what? I don’t need the house. Sneaky sex is what pick-up trucks were invented for.

HT: I’m pretty sure that’s not why they were invented. Moving on, you had the opportunity to move to Kansas to live with your grandmother after your parents were killed. Why’d you choose to stay with Matt?

KV: I don’t really remember having much say in the matter. Matt told our oma he’d deal with it, and that was that. I guess I didn’t complain because I got to stay in the only place I’ve ever lived.

HT: And he was, what, twenty-four, then?

KV: Right around there.

HT: Admirable. I like that guy. Now, tell me about your neighbor Nora. You two met with a bit of a splash, huh?

KV: Oh, yeah. That was embarrassing. Well, I like her a lot. She doesn’t go runnin’ off at the mouth at every opportunity. I imagine she’s thinking a lot more than she’s talkin’. She may be the most levelheaded person I’ve ever met.

HT: You haven’t really condoned any of your brother’s relationships in the past. Why?

KV: Simple. He could have done better. I’m not saying all he dated was tramps, but I think he did have pretty low standards. Instead of shooting for the stars, I think his aim was somewhere around the top of that rotting pine tree near the driveway. That reminds me--we need to get that thing down before the next ice storm.

HT: But Nora?

KV: I love Nora. I’m a total Nora fangirl, especially for how she handled that…well, you-know-who. Maybe I even like Nora a little more than I like Matt. You can tell him I said that, too.

HT: No, but thank you. What has Nora taught you since moving into the farmhouse next door?

KV: That’s okay to mess up real good one or two times as long as you’re willing to bounce back. Wallowing’s just gonna make you miserable. And you know what? People don’t really have time to be miserable. Fill that time with something positive, dammit.

HT: Thank you for that wisdom, Karen.

KV: Uh huh.


About My Nora:
When painter Manora Fredrickson left Baltimore for a fixer-upper located in her ancestral Tyner, North Carolina, she figured she’d be getting away from the distractions of the city: the noise, the crime, the event invitations…her ex-husband. Happy to be a recluse at age twenty-eight, all Nora wants to do is paint, lick her wounds, and maybe sneak across the county line for some of Hattie’s artery-clogging fried chicken.

Enter Matthew Vogel. His little piece of Tyner abuts Nora’s and from the moment the consummate bachelor stops by her barn to find her dancing around like a Jersey City showgirl, he decides the spunky firecracker is the woman for him. Nora doesn’t agree, but she can’t get the brawny fisherman off her mind or her doorstep.

As much as Nora is attracted to her charming neighbor, she thinks Matt deserves better than a curmudgeonly hermit. Her last marriage fell apart because of her commitment to her art. Matt wants to convince her it won’t happen again—not with him.

My Nora is available for Purchase at Amazon, iTunes, AllRomance eBooks, Barnes& Noble. To learn more about this and other Holley Trent books, please visit or connect with Holley on Twitter. Just look for her handle @holleytrent.

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