Too Charming By Kathryn Freeman

Blog Diva - Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas on pause

Most of December seems to fly by on fast forward. November is fine. Shops put out their decorations but I refuse to even think about Christmas. It’s far too early. But then December swoops in and suddenly everything is a mad rush. Where to start? With me it’s usually presents. Buying is easy if you do your shopping on-line, though you have to be careful not to miss those shipping dates. But thinking about what to buy – that’s the tricky part. I try to be clever and pick up things throughout the year. Being a sucker for a bargain I can often be found rummaging through the sale bins, plucking out huge reductions and squirreling them away in a big trunk so when Christmas comes, hey presto. Job done. Of course if doesn’t happen like that. Nieces I’ve bought for then announce actually they’d like something else. Worse, I forget what I’ve got in the trunk, panic, and buy more presents. I have supposed bargains that have been in that trunk for a very long time… Read More

A Christmas Cowboy By Shanna Hatfield

Blog Diva - Monday, December 16, 2013

It’s a pleasure to be here on RomCon® today sharing a little about my holiday romance The Christmas Cowboy, the first book in the new Rodeo Romance series.

Tate Morgan is a good-looking, dimple-cheeked saddle bronc rider chasing his dream of earning a World Champion title.

Frequenting the small airport near his ranch in southeast Washington on his way to rodeos, he keeps seeing the same beautiful brunette. He finally works up the courage to sit down next to her one morning and strikes up a conversation as they wait for a flight to Denver. Read More

Seven Minutes In Heaven By Rhian Cahill

Blog Diva - Thursday, December 12, 2013

Are You Game?

7 Minutes In heaven
By Rhian Cahill


It’s all fun and games until their hearts are on the line.

Are You Game? Book 1

Cassandra Moreland’s hard work to build her party-planning business is starting to pay off. There’s only one thorn in her side—a six-foot-five wall of testosterone throwing his weight around while she supervises her friend Lil’s first party. Butting heads doesn’t work. Ignoring him really doesn’t work. Not when he makes her pulse race and her palms sweat. But no way will she give in to his demand to shut the rowdy party down.

Lucas Wilhelm, head of McDermott Security, can’t believe the pint-sized brunette has the balls to go toe-to-toe with him. Strangely enough, that sassy mouth of hers isn’t ticking him off. It’s tightening his groin and stirring something much hotter than anger. Read More

Unexpectedly Yours By Jeannie Moon

Blog Diva - Sunday, December 08, 2013

Rich Boys

My grandmother used to say, “It’s just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man.” Her advice was all about preservation, of course; a practical consideration for a woman of her era. My grandma raised her family during The Great Depression, and even thought fortunes of the rich were lost in droves in 1929, their family did okay. There was family money and a sound business and no one went hungry or went without shoes.

All through history money has made a man desirable. Made him sought after. Made him sexy.

I suppose this is still true, but I like to think we fall in love with billionaire heroes because of the qualities that don’t cost anything.

But buckets of cash certainly get them noticed and from the Harlequin category romances filled with tycoons and sheiks, to the surge in the billionaire sub-genre, being rich isn’t a bad thing in a romance. Read More

FORGET ME NOT by Heather Ashby

Blog Diva - Thursday, December 05, 2013

Special Sneak Peak: FORGET ME NOT by Heather Ashby

Forget Me Not is Book 2 the “Love in the Fleet” series

Suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome and survivor guilt, Navy helicopter pilot and renowned playboy, Brian “Skylark” Crawford, swears he’ll never marry, uncertain he deserves happiness—besides there are too many hot chicks to choose from. War widow and veterinarian, Daisy Schneider, swears to love only animals after her Marine pilot husband is killed in Afghanistan—but work fails to ease her loneliness or the guilt that she might have saved him. Between one stray, matchmaking cat and a fiery battle with drug runners at sea, the fur flies as Sky and Daisy learn valuable lessons about life, love, and second chances.

Heather Ashby is a Navy veteran who taught school and raised a family while accompanying her Navy husband around the U.S., Japan, and the Middle East. In gratitude for her Army son’s safe return from Afghanistan and Iraq, she now writes military romance novels, donating half her royalties to causes that support wounded warriors and their families. Her debut novel, Forgive & Forget was voted “Best of 2013” by Suspense Magazine.  Read More

The Great Fruitcake Bake-off By Vicki Batman

Blog Diva - Monday, December 02, 2013

Why Write about Fruitcake, Vicki?

I've heard it all from the naysayers who think fruitcake is terrible. I (said imperiously) know what you guys/gals are missing.

According to Wikipedia, here's where fruitcake came from: The earliest recipe from ancient Rome lists pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, and raisins that were mixed into barley mash. In the Middle Ages, honey, spices, and preserved fruits were added.
Fruit cakes soon proliferated all over Europe. Recipes varied greatly in different countries throughout the ages, depending on the available ingredients as well as (in some instances) church regulations forbidding the use of butter, regarding the observance of fast. Pope Innocent VIII (1432–1492) finally granted the use of butter, in a written permission known as the 'Butter Letter' or Butterbrief in 1490, giving permission to Saxony to use milk and butter in the North German Stollen fruit cakes.
Starting in the 16th century, sugar from the American Colonies (and the discovery that high concentrations of sugar could preserve fruits) created an excess of candied fruit, thus making fruit cakes more affordable and popular.

For more information, go here: Read More

RomCon's 50-FREE-50 Sale- 11/29-12/2/13

Blog Diva - Wednesday, November 27, 2013

RomCon® is having a huge sale on admission to RomCon® University and RomCon® 2014, free entries for Reader Ratings and discounts on RomCon®'s web advertising. Don't wait! This sale is only good from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (11/29-12/2/13). Read More

The Hourglass By Sharon Struth

Blog Diva - Monday, November 25, 2013

Thank you for hosting me on RomCon® today!

First, a blurb:

Can forgiveness survive lies and the unspoken truth?

Until Brenda McAllister’s husband committed suicide, she appeared to have the ideal life: a thriving psychology practice, success as a self-help author, and a model family. But her guilt over her affair with Jack’s best friend prevents her from moving on. Did Jack learn of her infidelity? Was she the cause of his death?

The release of Brenda’s second book forces her into an unexpected assignment with arrogant celebrity author CJ Morrison, whose irritating and edgy exterior hides the torment of his own mistakes. But as she grows closer to CJ, Brenda learns she wasn’t the only one with secrets—Jack had secrets of his own, unsavory ones that may have led to his death. While CJ helps Brenda uncover the truth about her husband, she finds the path to forgiveness isn’t always on the map.
 Read More

Swept Away For Christmas By MJ Fredrick

Blog Diva - Friday, November 22, 2013

I love just about everything about Christmas. I love decorating, love Christmas songs, love giving gifts, love the shows and the movies. My TiVo fills up with all the Hallmark movies for me to watch while I’m baking, or eating what I’ve baked. Starting Thanksgiving Day, I turn on that channel and make my husband and son run for the hills (since we have only one TV, see).

I particularly like the ones that have bridesmaids or soldiers. Did you see the one called The Christmas Card? Check out the schedule--it’s on quite a bit. I also love the ones with one of the characters traveling home for Christmas, ESPECIALLY if home is a small town and the character thinks he/she is above the town, only to be humbled by the wonderfulness of the traditions.

Then there are the Debbie Macomber ones, with Mrs. Miracle. LOVE! Usually I’m not as drawn to the movies with kids, though I know having kids around makes Christmas more magical. But I love this series. Read More

Mischief Under The Mistletoe By Jennifer Zane

Blog Diva - Friday, November 22, 2013

It's that time of year again! Does it seem to come earlier and earlier each year? I swear I saw an entire Christmas section up in Michael's back in August. The Kohl's down the street had garlands on top of their racks before Halloween. Holiday commercials are already on TV. Even Hanukkah starts right around Thanksgiving (not that the Jewish calendar decided to make it early because of the consumer-driven community we live in).

So I'm joining the flock. I'm promoting my holiday short story, Mischief Under The Mistletoe in November. This book is a 'between the books' short story that has some familiar faces from previous books that are set in Bozeman, Montana. Gnome On The Range introduces us to Goldie, the adult store owner who loves to meddle in everyone's love life. There's no exception in Mischief. Read More