Love on the Lido Deck: A Nautical Romantic Comedy by Barbara Oliverio

Blog Diva - Monday, September 08, 2014

When I tell people that I'm an author, they inevitably ask the next question with a brightened eye and a catch in voice.

“What do you write?”

I'm not exactly sure what the "correct" expected answer is, but I sense that the one I give them must not be the one they want to hear.

"Romantic Comedy."


I have disappointed them, but I don't know why.

Have I indicated that the genre I have chosen is on par with writing detailed instructions on how to set fire to an orphanage? On Christmas? What would be the correct answer? Mystery? Biographies of saints? Multi-part serials of wizarding teenagers? I really throw a lot of people for a loop when I add the fact that my books are all PG-rated. (It's can scratch your head at that one too if you want.) Read More

Under Texas Blue Skies By Debra Holt

Blog Diva - Monday, August 04, 2014

J.D. Sterling’s heartbeats were thumping loud as a bass drum at the sight of the red sedan as it pulled into the circular driveway, stopping just behind the other realtor’s Hummer. He had purposely seated himself in a corner of the wide porch, away from the glare of the noonday sun, where climbing vines and shade would enable him to be concealed from the woman’s line of sight. He didn’t want her to know he was there, at least not right away. J.D. needed to see her first, to get his feet under him. At least, that’s the excuse he'd given himself. For someone who always planted his feet solidly in the middle of any situation, this was one time the spotlight was not what he sought. His pulses were racing as he saw the driver’s door swing open, and two slender ankles encased in gray high heels became visible as they touched the ground.

The woman stood up, one hand pushed her sunglasses further up on the bridge of her nose, and then she closed the car door behind her. She slung the straps of her leather bag over her shoulder and moved around the hood of the car, her heels making soft crunching sounds on the pea gravel along the drive. In the early afternoon stillness of the ranch, those sounds seemed to be amplified.

The eyes in the shadows drank in the features of the woman as she moved toward the house. Nowhere in sight was the country girl he had last seen. The vision that approached was confident in her stride, her head up and shoulders resolute. The girl he used to know was just short of being painfully shy and always hesitant to stand out of any crowd. Sunglasses concealed her eyes from view so he couldn’t see if they were still the amazingly vivid blue he remembered and had even immortalized in song once. They had filled his dreams on many a night and gotten him through some really hard times. It was those eyes he would see when he closed his own as he sang across the bright lights into the dark recesses of some huge arena, packed with screaming fans and loud music. He would sing to the girl in his dreams… the one he had left behind but never left out of his heart. Read More

Falling Like A Rock By Bonnie McCune

Blog Diva - Thursday, July 31, 2014


Comfort books remind me of comfort food. They’re tried and true volumes I consume when I’m (1) bored, (2) depressed, (3) lazy, (4) ill, (5) sick of humanity in its violent/evil guises, (6) sweltering in hot weather.

Since five of the previous six applied to me in the last several weeks, I plunged into a favorite space opera series. Lolling on the bed nearly all day, maintaining consciousness primarily through slurping coffee, I revisited a fantasy world in which good guys win. What could be more fantastic than that?

The triumph of good guys is also a hallmark of romances—they end happily. Whether crammed full of overt sex, or, like the variety I write, content with passionate kisses coupled with emotion, romances are favorite comfort books. Comfort books, like comfort food, meet expectations, frequently are indulged in with regularity, and create a nostalgic or warm sentiment in the person devouring them.

I thought I’d created the term “comfort books” until I went hunting online. I found a number of writers boast familiarity with this approach to reading. So much for originality. Still it’s reassuring to find cronies, to know I’m not the odd one out. Read More

A Midsummer Night's Fling By Beth Matthews

Blog Diva - Monday, July 28, 2014

I saw a study once that said the three things that give people the most joy are:

1. Exercise
2. Sex
3. Live theater

And my new book A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S FLING has 2 out of the 3! What a deal!


But seriously, folks, live theater has an energizing quality to it because anything might happen. I've seen productions where props broke, skirts ripped, even one where a light bulb exploded over an audience member's head. I've been in productions where one of our actors fell asleep backstage and missed his cue, where the lead actress leaned against gum right before her cue and ruined her costume. (OK, that last one happened to me…seriously, who puts gum on something at shoulder height??)

But it's not just the bad stuff that makes theater magic, of course; a big part of the wonder is simply sharing the same space as the people performing. You aren't just watching dead performances on an electronic screen--you're breathing the same air as these people, feeling the same heat or chill. And that's what makes theater magic so contagious.  Read More

Worth The Trade By Kristina Mathews

Blog Diva - Monday, July 07, 2014

“That’s him. Over there.” Hunter Collins recognized her new left fielder by the body language, posture, and raw physical power of a professional athlete.

“The guy in the plaid shirt?” The limo driver shook his head in doubt. “Are you sure? He doesn’t look like no baseball player. He’s too tall.”

Marco Santiago was indeed tall. And dark. And—she hated to admit, even to herself—incredibly handsome. The expert tailoring of his shirt emphasized his broad shoulders, long, strong arms, and slender waist. Dark denim hugged slim hips, clung to muscular thighs, and she’d put good money on what they did to his taut backside.

His tattered duffel bag was slung carelessly over his left shoulder. A small leather case lay at his feet. The casual observer might interpret his relaxed pose as lazy, bored, or perhaps a little worse for the wear. But she’d watched him on the field enough to know he could spring into action with panther-like reflexes at the crack of the bat. Read More

Chaperoning Paris By Victoria Pinder

Blog Diva - Monday, June 30, 2014

New Married Life and Publishing New Genre all at the same time.

To say this month or the past few months have been a whirlwind of activity is putting it mildly. No one explains how brides get wedding brain before the wedding. Small details became important. Writing took a back seat for a few months. I was getting married.
If you asked me before I met my now husband, I was known for quotes like this ‘I live in Miami and I’m not from here. I moved here and I’m not for the dating lifestyle. I guess I’ll be single forever and have my romance novels to keep on dreaming.’ Then I met my now husband, and my cynicism about marriage changed entirely.

Then I changed jobs, met my husband, and life sped up. I always said 2014 was my year after signing the first contract, and the truth is I’m looking forward to 2015 a lot too. 2014 has been amazing and I hope your year is going fast and it’s exciting too. I had signed contracts for books to be released this year, and I’m thrilled.

I call contemporary new. My first novel I ever wrote was a contemporary, but it was bad. To make the characters more believable, I just turned them into gods and called it a paranormal. Clearly I had a lot to learn. No wonder I had lots of rejections. Read More

The Brevia Beginning By Michelle Major

Blog Diva - Thursday, June 12, 2014

How many hours are in your day? A measly 24? Do you ever wish there could be one or two extra squeezed in so that when the words are coming fast and furious you wouldn’t have to stop? Or that there would always be an extra minute to prepare a healthy, homemade dinner or shine the sink?

Even though I can’t give you more hours, I have a few suggestions to make the most of the ones you’ve got – both for you and your family.

A lot of times we want things to be perfect – both the words on the page, day jobs or what we do to support our family. Last week I had a bad night and couldn’t even pull it together to order carry out. We had a dinner of chicken nuggets, leftover pizza, carrot sticks and apple slices. And my kids and husband were so happy – nothing gourmet or fancy but we were all together and that’s what counts. It’s the same with writing – sometimes it’s just about putting the time in and getting the words down on the page. And even though you may not feel inspired, be happy and proud that you made it happen! Read More

Date Night By R.C. Matthews

Blog Diva - Monday, June 02, 2014

DATE NIGHT: From broad concept to sustainable conflict!

BOOK BLURB: Jordan Billette faces the greatest challenge of her life - find her soul mate and get married before cancer takes Grannie away forever. Not dating? No problem. A dating service will turn up a soul mate. JT Murphy has been best friends with Jordan's brother for years. When he agrees to protect Jordan from unworthy dates at the restaurant where he waits tables, he gets more than he bargained for!

How to build sustainable conflict:
As an avid reader growing up, I often wondered where authors got the ideas for their books. Once I became a writer myself, I realized it wasn’t the broad concept for a book that was difficult to develop, but rather how to take the concept and build a sustainable conflict between the hero and heroine.

The broad concept for Date Night was simple – I wanted to write a book about a woman who went on a series of hilarious dates. Why? Because in my mid thirties I used a dating service for one year and, as a result, had first hand experience with many outrageously funny dates. My friends and family often found my dating stories entertaining. And so the idea for a book was born. Read More

How to Have An Amicable Divorce By Lindsay Harper

Blog Diva - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Here I am again to tell you about my latest book in the “HOW TO …” series of books –

‘How to Have an Amicable Divorce – a novel’.

It is the second in the series following ‘How to Have an Affair’ (released Feb 2014) but it can be read as a stand-alone title. I grew so attached to the characters in the first book that I knew I had to carry them on. ‘How to Have an Amicable Divorce’ contains the same five main characters but this time the story concentrates on Denizon Cartwright who had a much smaller role in the first book. Without giving too much away here is the

How to Have an Amicable Divorce Read More

Bushwhacked By Tiffinie Helmer

Blog Diva - Monday, May 19, 2014

Here is a sneak peek from BUSHWHACKED releasing today May 19th! In celebration, I'll be giving away a digital copy of BUSHWHACKED to a lucky commenter.

“Corkscrew?” she asked. Systematically she started opening one drawer after another.

“Give me that.” He took the bottle from her and pointed at the table with it. “Sit.”

“Fine.” She moved to the table and pulled out one of the chairs and sat where she could watch him. He quickly located a corkscrew and twisted it into the top of the bottle, his forearms flexing with the action. Who knew that the simple action of opening a bottle of wine could make her mouth go dry? It had nothing to do with thirst, either.

He grabbed two mugs, filled them with wine, and set one in front of her, before gulping deep from his.  Read More