Second Chance At Forever By Heather Lire

Monday, February 04, 2013

Have you ever seen or met a couple you just HAD to know their love story? You've seen them walking along the beach, or in the mall and they're holding hands and their love is very obvious to anyone who sees them. That's how Ryan and Morgan appeared to me.
I saw them at the end of their love story as they danced in the moonlight on the beach wrapped in each other.

I had to know their story. It wasn't an easy rode to learn their story either. For a while I had Morgan with the wrong person (can't say who yet as that would ruin the surprise in the book), then I had to get Ryan to talk to me. He was not a happy camper with me for quite a long time let me tell you. I'm still not sure why he was so mad at me.

Morgan was more willing to tell me her side of the story, but I think it's because she used me as a counselor as she sorted through her feelings for Ryan, and being a single mom.

I do have to say however that as soon as Ryan and Morgan got back together they went all out in the telling of their story. By the time I was done getting to know these characters I was in love with their love story.

The one thing I loved the most about this couple was their capacity for forgiveness and acceptance. They accepted who the other was flaws and all, never once trying to change the other. When the truth behind what really happened to cause their separation was revealed they simply forgave and moved on. Well one of them a bit easier than the other one.

By the time they got to their HEA, I KNEW this was one couple who not only could but would stand the test of time. They understand that there will be high's and low's in their relationship and that was ok, as its life.

Do you have a couple, real or fictional, you feel this way about? One commentor will receive a copy in the e-format of their choice of my debut book Second Chance at Forever. Available now wherever e-books are sold.

Enjoy an excerpt of Second Chance at Forever

Morgan relaxed in the hammock her grandfather had hung for her mom back when she was a teenager, far from the week-long house party celebrating her grandparents' sixtieth wedding anniversary, reading one of her favorite books, Pride and Prejudice.

There was just something about Mr. Darcy that made her want to be Elizabeth.

Completely engrossed in the book, she didn't notice she was no longer alone.

She heard a twig snap and lifted her head, looking around for the noise. Her breath caught in her lungs. Her heart raced.

A modern-day Mr. Darcy had just walked out of her book.

He was gorgeous.

Tall, he stood at least six-foot-four, as he looked to be as tall as her brother Case. His skin was golden brown from spending lots of time outside in the sun. His hair was light brown with streaks of blond, more from the sun than from any salon. It was his face however, that captured her. All angles and planes, a strong jaw, and high cheekbones hinting at an Aristocratic ancestry. And then his eyes, so brown and piercing, they made her think he could look into her soul. He wore shorts and a t-shirt showing a physique that said he took care of his body. The t-shirt pulled across his chest and was tight around the biceps, enhancing the well-toned muscles.

He stopped next to the hammock and looked down at her, like he was examining something under a microscope. She'd long since grown used to the way men looked at her and her sister Brynn.

At five foot ten they were taller than most of the woman in the family. According to her grandpa her eyes were the color of the purple-grey heather flower in Ireland. She also had no real chest to speak of. The running joke in the family had always been she wanted a hope chest in the hope she would get a chest. As she'd played basketball all throughout high school and during her undergrad years, she wasn't too upset about the lack of chest, it would have just gotten in the way of her jump shot. She arched an eyebrow at him as he continued to stare at her without saying anything.

"I believe the party is back toward the house, not out here." Morgan's voice was deliberately icy. She had thought by isolating herself outside and away from the main part of the party, she could avoid socializing.

Mr. Darcy flashed a smile, one she was certain he'd used to get women to do what he wanted. He sat down on the log by her hammock, ignoring the frost in her voice. "Yes, it is and that's why I am here. Why are you out here by yourself and not at the party?"
She ignored the smile or at least pretended to, "Because I don't have to be. As long as I'm occasionally seen I can do what I want."

As he extended his hand the corners of his lips lifted, revealing dimples she hadn't seen before. "Ryan Cartwright."

She took his hand and felt the sizzle all the way to her bones. "Morgan Churchill." The way her body was reacting to him was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before.

"What are you reading?" He asked.

She held up her book "Pride and Prejudice hmm," he then eyed the pile of books sitting on a stump by him. She watched silently as he read the titles, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, North and South, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Little Women. He raised an eyebrow. All of them were full of sticky notes and tabs, marking important places in them. "That is some reading you are doing there."

"Yes, it is some reading, so if you don't mind I have to finish reading these books and complete my dissertation on the influence of nineteenth century heroes in modern literature by the end of the week." Morgan went back to her book, giving him the illusion she'd just tuned him out, when in fact she was only too aware of him. He had an aura about him that made a woman dream of very naughty nights in his bed, one that screamed he knew all the secrets to a woman's pleasure.

She had two passions, three if you counted her family. Basketball and literature. Having achieved all of her basketball goals she was now hard at work on her literature goal. To be a professor of literature. He sat there a bit stunned at the way she had dismissed him. She was certain it was a first for him. After several minutes he stood and wandered away. She went back to her reading, breathing in a deep sigh of relief.

She didn't have time to be distracted by a real life Mr. Darcy.

The next day every time she looked up from her books there he was staring at her, as though he was trying to figure her out. Considering how large her grandparent's property was, this was no small feat. A part of her was a bit disconcerted by it, and another part of her was secretly thrilled. She'd managed to snag the attention of the sexiest man she'd ever met by ignoring him. Maybe all those lectures from her sister and cousins on how to snag a guy, that she'd ignored, had sunk in. She knew he was interested from the looks he'd been shooting her from a polite distance away.

Her favorite thinking place was sitting at a table in her grandmother's rose garden. She'd been certain he wouldn't track her there, but no such luck. Though she'd never admit to anyone, she was secretly happy he'd been persistent in tracking her down.