Seven Minutes In Heaven By Rhian Cahill

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Are You Game?

7 Minutes In heaven
By Rhian Cahill


It’s all fun and games until their hearts are on the line.

Are You Game? Book 1

Cassandra Moreland’s hard work to build her party-planning business is starting to pay off. There’s only one thorn in her side—a six-foot-five wall of testosterone throwing his weight around while she supervises her friend Lil’s first party. Butting heads doesn’t work. Ignoring him really doesn’t work. Not when he makes her pulse race and her palms sweat. But no way will she give in to his demand to shut the rowdy party down.

Lucas Wilhelm, head of McDermott Security, can’t believe the pint-sized brunette has the balls to go toe-to-toe with him. Strangely enough, that sassy mouth of hers isn’t ticking him off. It’s tightening his groin and stirring something much hotter than anger.

A stolen moment in a pantry leads to a challenge that pushes each other’s sexual boundaries to the limit. Except the rules go up in flames when they realize they’re not just playing around. They’re playing for keeps.

Warning: Contains an alpha male who’s used to being in charge, and a tough-as-steel woman who isn’t going down easy. Involves the use of beads, but not in the way you might think.

Exclusive Excerpt:-

Cassie couldn’t take her eyes off Lucas. The last few hours had been mindboggling. From the minute they arrived, the birthday girl had commandeered him to play the role of Prince Charming. She had to hand it to him. After his initial panic, Lucas had proven to be an excellent prince—crown and all. And it wasn’t just the princesses he’d charmed either. There wasn’t one mother present who hadn’t at one stage or other found a reason to talk to him. She’d never really dealt with the green-eyed monster when it came to a man. But Cassie couldn’t deny that right now she wanted to go over there and stake her claim on Prince Charming.

“I can’t believe how good he is with Prissy,” Margo said as she stepped beside Cassie.

“Mmm.” Cassie dragged her eyes away from Lucas and looked at the birthday girl’s mother. “That crown does seem to fit him well.”

“And I did notice there’s no wedding ring on his finger. Is he available do you know?”

Cassie looked away and rolled her eyes. Divorced from husband number three barely six months and Margo Fernwig Rothers Bennett was on the prowl for groom number four. She’d seen it before, or at least Margo’s type, and while she had no claim on Lucas, Cassie wasn’t about to give this woman a clear field. “He’s seeing someone.”

“Shame. Still, without a ring I’d say he’s fair game wouldn’t you?” Margo headed in the direction of her daughter and her latest prey without waiting for Cassie to reply.

Staring after the other woman, Cassie struggled not to follow. Lucas wasn’t hers. She had no right to go charging over and drag him away from the female piranha no matter how much the voice in her head yelled at her to go get her man. She watched as Margo leaned over to talk to Prissy, pressing her surgically enhanced cleavage into Lucas as she did. He shifted sideways. Margo followed. The frown on his face told Cassie that he wasn’t any more impressed by the woman than she was. Smiling, she turned back to the food table and continued to top up the bowls of lollies.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe that woman.”

Cassie jumped us Lucas brushed against her. She glanced up and almost laughed at the scowl on his face. “What woman?”

“The mother. She just propositioned me in front of her daughter.”

“Ah, yes, well, she is without her usual accessory at the moment.”

“What?” He arched one thick, dark eyebrow.

“She ditched husband number three. She’s on the prowl for number four.”

“Good God. And she’s looking at me?” He looked over his shoulder as though he expected the woman to be right there, claws ready to sink into him.

Cassie laughed. “Relax. We’re out of here in another hour or so. Besides—” she placed her hand on his chest, patting him twice, “—you’re a big boy. You can handle her. After all, it’ll take more than some little woman to scare you.”

“That’s not a woman, it’s a damn shark.” He stepped closer. “And there’s only one woman I want to be handling at the moment.”

She gasped when he dropped his head and planted a hard kiss on her mouth. “Lucas.”

“Relax.” He grinned. “I’m just making sure you both know where my interests lie.”

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