Sold As Is By Holley Trent

Blog Diva - Monday, May 20, 2013

Rise of the Rom-SitCom

I’m a romance writer with a humor writer’s heart. I’m George Carlin with a sprinkling of Jerry Seinfeld…and maybe a bit of Sarah Silverman thrown in for estrogen.

Most of my humor is observational. It relies on me creating a conspiratorial bond with my readers. I like to imagine me sidling close, covering my hand with my mouth, and whispering, “Did you see what she just did? Can you believe it?” I really do want readers to put down my books, go pop some popcorn, then return ready to read the sitcom unfolding. Read More

The House that Love Built By Beth Wiseman

Blog Diva - Monday, May 13, 2013

Brooke has only loved one man, her late husband. Owen’s rebuilding after a painful divorce. Can a mysterious house bring them together for a second chance at love?

In the charming town of Smithville, Texas, Brooke Holloway is raising two young children on her own, supporting them by running the family hardware store. The last thing on her mind is falling in love. But she’s intrigued when a stranger moves to town and buys the old Hadley mansion. She’s always heard that house holds a secret—maybe even a treasure—and she can’t wait to see inside. When she meets the new owner and they spend time together, she can’t deny the attraction. Could God be giving her another chance at happiness? Or is she betraying her late husband’s love by even thinking that way?  Read More

Straddling The Line By Sarah M. Anderson

Blog Diva - Thursday, May 09, 2013

Meet the Bolton Brothers!

I’m thrilled to introduce the Bolton Brothers—Ben, Billy and Bobby—the heroes of my newest Harlequin Desire series! Ben’s story, Straddling the Line, just released on May 7. He’ll be followed by Billy’s story, Bringing Home the Bachelor, on September 2. Bobby will wrap up the series with Expecting the Bolton Baby on November 5. They live fast, ride hard and love fiercely!

So who are the Bolton Brothers? Let’s ask them!

Sarah: Hi, guys. Tell us about yourself.

Bobby: Well, as the name implies, we’re the Bolton Brothers and we run the Crazy Horse Choppers, a custom-built motorcycle shop based in Rapid City, South Dakota Read More

More Than This By Shannyn Schroeder

Blog Diva - Sunday, May 05, 2013

My Unexpected Love for Beta Heroes

Hi, Everyone!

Thank you so much for letting me join you today to talk about my recent release, More Than This, and my love for beta heroes.

Like many readers, I love a great alpha hero. There’s so much to fall for when it comes to alphas. They’re strong and powerful and they take charge of every situation. I believe that part of the draw with alphas is their need to redeem themselves because so often their need to protect and possess makes them come across as an alpha-hole. As readers, we love to watch that transformation take place. Plus, if you add in a good grovel scene, we’re putty in the author’s hands. Read More

Broken Build By Rachelle Ayala

Blog Diva - Thursday, April 25, 2013

Techy Women are Sexy too

Broken Build: Silicon Valley Romantic Suspense features a photogenic build engineer who has the technical savvy of a CEO. Even though she ruined Dave Jewell’s life, Jennifer Cruz Jones is determined to fix what’s broken. Here she lets Dave know she’s the right woman for him by talking tech in his ear.

Here’s the excerpt from Chapter 26:

Jen came up behind him and put her arms around his waist, rubbing her face into his back. “I knew it would work. When we replace the data center, we should get Lystra bladeservers and switches. They integrate the storage, network and server fabric into a single management entity. It’s a scalable, unified, policy-driven computing environment for applications, automated provisioning of compute power with the privacy of VLANs, VSANs, Virtual firewalls, combined with the benefits of Lystra network services, QOS, load balancing and SSL tunneling.” Read More

Together In Starlight By Susan MacNicol

Blog Diva - Monday, April 22, 2013

I’m here with the sexy, sophisticated and, may I say, very talented man about London town, Bennett Saville, the hero from my Starlight trilogy. Evening, Bennett, how are you?
Bennett (grins slightly at my intro): I’m fine, Sue. You can tone down the adjectives, though. I know you’re a writer and it’s in your nature but you’re making me blush.

Sue (spluttering with laughter): You’ve never blushed in your life, Bennett, so can the modesty. What’s on your mind?

Bennett (uncrosses his immaculately clad legs and leans forward): It’s a little strange for me talking about this. It’s the whole ghost thing going on in my theatre.

Sue (sighs): Bennett, we’ve talked about this- Read More

Bayou Born By Linda Joyce

Blog Diva - Monday, April 15, 2013

Kiss: Show and Feel - No Tell

One of the best things about romance is unquestionably The Kiss.

Ah, we all remember our first one, right? Not the experimenting, bumbling-around one after our hormones first kicked in. But the one where the anticipation of it made our skin tingle. We couldn’t sleep, barely ate, and we waited for the moment to happen, often holding our breath.

When the moment finally bloomed...we were never the same afterward. Somewhere in that press of lips together, we took a leap across the universe and landed in enchantment.  Read More

The Devil Has Dimples By Pepper Phillips

Blog Diva - Thursday, April 11, 2013

I started my novel ‘The Devil Has Dimples’ at a funeral. Why? I overhead a comment about preparing for a funeral, by freezing a small pig for a pig roast after the burial. I truly was at a loss of words when I heard that. In Louisiana people will have a pig roast…but after a funeral? My ‘what if’ brain started to work and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy!

Excerpt from The Devil Has Dimples

“Mackie, you ever been to a funeral on Halloween?”

He thought for a moment, most likely turning the decades over in his mind searching for an answer.

“Nope.  This is the first night funeral I’ve ever been at.  Makes me think it might be a good idea when my time comes.”

“Never for me either, although I did attend a Halloween wedding once.  It was a bit over the top,” said Grant.

Maudie’s casket was perched on a roller parked next to the grave hole. Read More

Carnival Temptress By Michelle Monkou

Blog Diva - Monday, April 08, 2013

When you think of the Caribbean, you can’t help but think of the white beaches and turquoise waters, sunny, tropical weather, coconut trees and rum punches.
One more tribute to the Caribbean is its Carnival, an annual celebration that most times coincides with the pre-Lenten calendar or with its celebration after the historical crop harvest. It’s not unusual, however, for islands to plan their carnivals off the religious calendar and to capitalize on tourist seasons. Nevertheless, each island has its unique style to mark the festivities that embraces all to participate in the revelry.

By the 18th century, Carnival had evolved in Trinidad and Tobago to resemble more of the modern celebration. Carnival’s history spans the French and Spanish occupation, along with an evolution of their customs, traditions, and Catholic religion.

“Farewell To The Flesh,” as some may call it, can be interpreted with religious overtones, as abstaining from red meat during the Lenten season or with more secular leanings to experience with wild abandon sin-laden fun before the solemn. With the latter interpretation providing a wonderful landscape for writer’s license, I wrote Carnival Temptress, the first of several digital-only novellas, under the Revelers series. Read More

Written On Her Heart By Julie Anne Lindsey

Blog Diva - Thursday, April 04, 2013

Scars tell the story: We survived

Many years ago, I had a surgery that devastated my self-esteem. I was young and vibrant and owned a closet full of crop tops, hip huggers and belly button rings. College was good times. When I learned I needed a surgery that would “ruin” the figure I worked diligently to maintain, I was devastated. If that girl could see what three C-sections and 2 dozen years would do to her figure, she’d stop worrying about a little scar, but that’s the thing about hindsight, she couldn’t possibly know. It took years for me to see the scar objectively. That scar was proof I lived. I survived. And I was tougher than what had ahold of me.

In the years prior to the and following the surgery, I’d accumulated lots of scars no one saw. Being young can be like that. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I realized how much I hurt and because of that, how much I hid. I was a peppy paper doll without depth because to reveal myself was to reveal my pain and I wasn’t ready.  Read More