Hidden Under Her Heart By Rachelle Ayala

Blog Diva - Monday, April 01, 2013

Who says a book on heavy subjects can’t be humorous?

Hidden Under Her Heart tackles some pretty heavy and controversial subjects. But underneath it all is a couple, a man with a quirky sense of humor who loves to pull pranks, and a compassionate woman who is a on the gullible side.

The story starts and ends with a prank, but in between Maryanne is taken on a tour of a haunted mansion completed with animatronic beings.

Here’s the excerpt from Chapter 29:

Maryanne looked in her e-mail for Melissa Bowers’ address. Her husband owned the largest gossip network on the Internet. The phone rang. It was Mrs. Bowers.

“Hi,” Maryanne answered. “I’m on my way.” Read More

The Bluest Eyes In Texas By Tori Scott

Blog Diva - Thursday, March 28, 2013

On my Facebook page, we've been talking about book reviews. Some people love to leave them, others feel intimidated by them. But unless you're a professional reviewer, leaving a book review
should be as easy as talking to a friend.

Book reviews are vitally important to authors. Reviews help other potential readers make that final decision on whether or not to purchase. Without reviews, the chances of a book selling more than a handful of copies are minimal. The more reviews, especially positive ones, the more copies the author will sell. And if you want an author to keep writing stories you enjoy, he/she needs to sell the ones already out there.

Some basics on writing an engaging review are below. But first--the what not to dos. Read More

Once Tempted By Laura Moore

Blog Diva - Monday, March 25, 2013

A Fish out of Water or, Meet My Heroine
Laura Moore

Hi, Everyone!

I’m so happy to be here today at RomCon and talking to you about my new release, Once Tempted, a contemporary western set in California on a three thousand acre working guest ranch. There are sheep, cattle, and horses galore on Silver Creek Ranch. There’s even a tribe of goats. Among all these four-legged creatures, there’s one sole fish, one that’s most definitely out of water.

Which brings me to the title of my blog...catchy, isn’t it?

Generally, unless we’re talking about the movie Splash or Disney’s The Little Mermaid, the words ‘fish’ and ‘heroine’ don’t mix especially well. But the idea for my latest heroine, Tess Casari, came to me in a radiant flash one summer afternoon and I knew immediately that this savvy, smart urbanite would have to give up everything she’d loved and known in order to be the fish out of water in my story. We writers can be so cruel.  Read More

Love On The Line By Kimberly Kincaid

Blog Diva - Monday, March 18, 2013

Put A Little Heat In The Kitchen: Love and Lasagna Rolls

Kimberly: I’m here with moody, broody Noah Blackwell, the detective hero from my latest novella release, Love On The Line. Hey, Noah! How’s it going?

Noah (crossing his arms over his chest): I’d like to state for the record that I’m mostly moody with you only because you shot me at the beginning of the story, Kincaid.

Kimberly: Are you still mad about that? Come on, Blackwell. You got the girl.

Noah: Yeah, speaking of which, I need your help. See, it’s Violet’s birthday, and I, um, promised I’d make dinner. Read More

Afterglow By Ute Carbone

Blog Diva - Monday, March 11, 2013

Two True Shoe Stories and a Single Idea.

As you might have surmised, given the fancy high heel with flowers on the cover of Afterglow, shoes figure as an important part of the story. Five thousand outdated singleton shoes are donated to the hero, Mitch, by an eccentric retired shoe manufacturing mogul because Mitch had saved his life.

Readers often wonder where a writer’s ideas come from. The shoe idea had two sources. I read in the paper where a woman had had bought five thousand pairs of shoes at next to nothing on Craig’s List. She hoped to sell the shoes for a profit. And the shoes would have sold like cold water in the desert had it been 1967. They were, in other words, very outdated. Which explained why they were being sold at such a ridiculously low price in the first place.  Read More

Entry-Level Mistress By Sabrina Darby

Blog Diva - Thursday, March 07, 2013

My new contemporary romance, Entry-Level Mistress, begins as a classic revenge story. Exhibit A: the back cover blurb:

Daniel Hartmann and Emily Anderson have every reason to hate each other. Her father destroyed the lives of his parents and he in turn sent her father to jail. Now Daniel’s a successful billionaire and artsy Emily is his newest employee. Both of them intend to make the other pay for the sins of the past, but revenge has never been so sweet.

A romance reader for over 28 years, I’ve read a variety of revenge stories, from the medieval, your brother hurt my best friend’s cousin’s daughter so now I will storm the castle, hold you prisoner and seduce you, to the contemporary landscape of corporate espionage. This is the lineage that inspired Entry-Level Mistress and so it has some of those awesome, crazy elements. At the same time, it has a heroine that is intensely analytical and modern. I loved writing Emily because, at 21, she’s both naïve and self-aware, and her intelligence quickly conflicts with the outrageous plan she’s concocted.  Read More

Ex On The Beach By Kim Law

Blog Diva - Monday, February 25, 2013

EX ON THE BEACH, and what is a serial…

Ex on the Beach - Andie Shayne is getting ready to host the wedding of the summer at her resort on Turtle Island. As the guests arrive she’s taken aback to learn that her ex--who left her at the altar--is the best man. What he did was unforgivable, and now he’s back with an agenda for her affection. – Only $1.99 at

There’s a new way to read a book these days, which is not only fun, but also cheap! What I’m talking about are Kindle Serials. They are full length books, for (usually) half the price you would normally pay for the electronic version of the book, only they get released by episodes. Kind of like those favorite TV shows you might be on the edge of your seat waiting for each week!

Each episode is 2-3 chapters, and new episodes arrive automatically (for free) every two weeks. And even if you don’t own a Kindle, you can read them with Amazon’s free Kindle apps. Read More

Trouble With Air And Magic By Patricia Rice

Blog Diva - Monday, February 18, 2013

Standing in the downpour that inundated the coast, Dorothea Jai-Li Franklin watched another piece of her garden crash into the Pacific. A yew swayed at an angle over the cliff before it, too, descended in a mudslide to the roaring surf.

Once the house followed the yard, all trace of her mother would be gone. Until his helicopter disappeared, she'd had her brother to remind her of their heritage, but now Bo, too was lost to her. She wiped her tears with her sleeve and bit back a sob before carrying the last of her mother’s prized porcelains to the car.

She tucked the vases in with a few books, her laptop, and Toto, her aging cairn terrier, all she’d been able to rescue before the yard had begun crumbling. With every trace of her mother gone, she would be entirely her father's daughter. Perhaps the Universe was speaking to her. Perhaps it was time to submerge the dangerous gift she'd inherited from her mother and pretend she was the rational, businesslike daughter her father wanted. Read More

The Deception By Marina Martindale

Blog Diva - Monday, February 11, 2013

One of the Inspirations for my Novel THE DECEPTION

It always fascinates me where ideas for my stories can come from. They can come from virtually anywhere. The genesis for my novel, The Deception, actually occurred back in 2006, when I was blog surfing one night and I happened upon a psychic’s blog. She worked on one of those on-line psychic websites, and her post was about the questions she was most often asked by her callers. One of the questions was, “When will he leave his wife for me?”  Read More

Lost In Her Mind By Kellie Kamryn

Blog Diva - Thursday, February 07, 2013

After a near fatal car crash, a mother of four is trapped in a dream world, fighting to discover which life is her reality.

Kailey Jacobs wakes to find she is still married to the controlling man she thought she divorced. Memories of a fiancée in another life beckon to her. Confused and scared, Kailey is determined to discover whether the man she feels she belongs with truly exists, or is just a figment of her imagination. Read More