The Deception By Marina Martindale

Monday, February 11, 2013

One of the Inspirations for my Novel THE DECEPTION

It always fascinates me where ideas for my stories can come from. They can come from virtually anywhere. The genesis for my novel, The Deception, actually occurred back in 2006, when I was blog surfing one night and I happened upon a psychic’s blog. She worked on one of those on-line psychic websites, and her post was about the questions she was most often asked by her callers. One of the questions was, “When will he leave his wife for me?”

Needless to say, her post had a lot of comments, and I seem to recall participating in the discussion as well. It was quite a debate about adultery and morality, and many of the comments were to the effect of the other woman always knowing that he’s married, and she’s lying if she says she didn’t know.

Well, it’s not necessarily so. I’ve met plenty of women who've gotten involved with married men, and not all of them knew he was married. 

I also once knew a man who discovered the woman he was dating was married too. None were proud of the experience. It’s the kind of thing that can leave a person doubting themselves and no longer able to trust others. I wrote The Deception as a story of what can happen when a good, honest woman meets a man who has not only presented himself to her as single and available, he was introduced to her by her closest friend, who also believed he was single and available. 

The story may be fiction, but it’s inspired by circumstances that, sadly, happen all too often in the real world. The point I’m making with this story is that we must be careful about judging others when we don’t have all the facts. Another is that this can, potentially, happen to anyone, from any walk of life, regardless of their personal morality, because people can and do lie. Hence my title, The Deception.

Please enjoy this short except from The Deception and happy reading.


* * *

Louise’s show at Hanson Sisters Fine Art was a smashing success and the critics raved about her work. Carrie received some benefit as well. A few of the people she met on opening night were Louise’s former clients, and in need of a commercial photographer. At long last, her photography business was getting a much-needed boost.

Having more clients meant working longer hours and occasional Saturdays. This particular Saturday would be four weeks to the day that Scott had taken her hiking at Lake Pleasant. They had started emailing one another, and a few times she’d been taken aback by the explicitness in some of his messages. He’d also invited her to dinner a couple times, but on both occasions he canceled at the last minute. It was always the same excuse—an emergency at the office. Carrie was glad she hadn’t expected too much from him or the relationship. Scott was either a total workaholic, or perhaps he had another girlfriend. The latter was a possibility she’d not considered before. She let out a sigh as she went back to work.

She needed focus on setting up the lights and getting her subject matter ready. She was photographing auto parts. While hardly a glamour job, she was charging the client a handsome fee, which would go a long way toward paying some of her bills. She’d just finished shooting her photos when she heard her cell phone beeping. It was a text message from Scott.

“Busy today?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“How busy?”

“Busy, busy.” Her phone began to ring.

“I hope you're not mad at me,” said the voice on the other end.

“No, I’m not. Seriously, Scott, I really am in my studio. Business has picked up lately so now I’m working Saturdays too. You of all people should understand.” “I do, but you have to eat sometime and I still want to take you to dinner. When do you think you’ll be done?”

“Let’s see.” She glanced at her watch. “If all goes well, I should be home by five o’clock.”

“Then why don’t I pick you up at six? And wear something nice. The place I have in mind this time is a little fancier than a fast-food joint.”

“You got it. Six o’clock it is. See you then.”

She ended the call and went back to work. By the time she arrived home, she was beat. She debated whether she should bother getting ready. Scott had already disappointed her twice. If he canceled their plans this time, she’d take her cue and move on. She headed off to the shower, and it was only a couple of minutes past six when she heard the knock on the door. She looked through the peephole and smiled. This time he arrived, right on time. He greeted her with a long, passionate kiss.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.” He gave her another long, passionate kiss.

“Me too.” She grabbed her purse and as they headed out to his car he mentioned the restaurant they were going to was across town.

“Isn’t that kind of out of the way?”

“Maybe,” he replied, “but we’ll make tonight an adventure.”