The Trouble With Cowboys by Melissa Cutler

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Melissa Cutler here, and I'm so excited to be on RomCon® celebrating today's release of my debut book, The Trouble with Cowboys. The culinary world meets ranch country in this steamy contemporary when disgraced chef Amy returns to her hometown roots and butts heads with her new restaurant's key supplier, cattle rancher Kellan Reed. I love reality TV shows that feature experts in their field doing what they do best, such as So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef, and Project Runway, and tapped those as inspiration for chef Amy and her story.

And now to whet your appetite (love chef humor!), I'm sharing the top ten things you'll learn from The Trouble with Cowboys: The Top Ten Thing You'll Learn from The Trouble with Cowboys

  1. There is only one good reason for a man to keep his hat on when going inside: when it's clear that his dusty, worn-in cowboy gear is getting his sexy-as-sin new neighbor all hot and bothered.
  2. Never underestimate the social scene that is a church's donut and coffee table.
  3. You can't actually die from embarrassment, even if your worst meltdown ever is captured on national TV, goes viral, and makes you the butt of every late night talk show host's jokes for a month.
  4. Nothing sets the Christmas mood better than cinnamon-scented candles—even in a bad boy rancher's bachelor pad.
  5. Even a cow looks pretty when you put a flower behind her ear.
  6. Sometimes the best foreplay happens with your clothes on…in a restaurant.
  7. It's perfectly acceptable to resolve a squabble among sisters with a food fight. Orange segments down the shirt is a winning strategy.
  8. All foods taste better when sampled on a beautiful woman's skin.
  9. If a man lies to you about exactly what kind of business he's involved in, make sure you get some power behind your swing when you're aiming to drown his briefcase in a watering hole.
  10. Cowboys are nothing but trouble, but every now and then one comes around who makes jumping into trouble look like a tempting proposition indeed. And if he happens to give you his heart along the way, then you'd better hold on tight and enjoy the ride.
  11. And now for the blurb: 

    Cowboys have never been good for Amy Sorentino. First her hard-riding father bankrupted the family farm. Then her all-hat-no-cattle boyfriend sold her out on national television, ending her promising career as a chef. Now she and her squabbling sisters have partnered up in a final attempt to save their land by starting an inn and local restaurant. So it figures that with everything on the line, Amy’s key supplier is just the kind of Stetson-tipping heartbreaking bad boy she’s sworn to avoid. But Kellan Reed has a few secrets of his own–and cowboy or not, Amy can’t resist this kind of wild ride.

    The Trouble with Cowboys is available now: Amazon  Barnes & Noble 

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