TWICE IN A BLUE MOON by Cate Masters

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

True love can change the course of your life
by Cate Masters

Love makes people do crazy things, doesn’t it? Especially when they’re in love with the wrong person.

Buck Wright was miserable trying to hang onto the wrong someone. When she left him, it wrecked him. Then he made his first decision for himself—to became a dog sled guide in Sweden, unaware how much he’d love it, or that it would lead him to true love with someone who brought out the best in him.

Do you love reading stories about finding real love the second time around?


“Photos never do them justice.” Buck’s upturned face reflected the soft glow.

Such a handsome face. Why did a good-looking guy choose to live such a solitary existence? “Don’t you get lonely?” Gah, I said it out loud. A rookie mistake. Luckily, no one had followed her with a camera.

His smile faded into a wince. “Sometimes this country’s too crowded for my tastes. What about you? What keeps you running from place to place?”

“My work.” He already knew that much.

A knowing gleam lit his eyes. “Come on, there’s more to it.”

Whoosh—there it was, the sound of her hopes flushed away. “Contrary to the tabloids, there isn’t. I have a crew who depends on me, and an audience who, for whatever reason, likes to tune in every week.”

He shrugged. “Never read the tabloids, and I hardly ever watch TV. A reality show doesn’t seem worth risking your life.”

Other than people such as the Sami, she didn’t think anyone ignored the media. “Every part of life is a risk. Hell, people have fatal accidents texting on their cells while walking.”

“Do you deny your chances of an accident are higher than most?”

No Boundaries. Three years ago, it sounded perfect. Now she wasn’t so sure, but she’d convinced network execs to take a leap, and now all she did was leap. And dive. And plummet. Each time, the bottom loomed nearer. One day, if she didn’t stop, she’d slam into it. Pete had warned her, and she believed him.

“Does silence mean you won’t argue the point?” he asked.

Or wished she didn’t have to. Damn, she thought she was ready, but now really wasn’t sure she could have this conversation yet. Not with him. “I wouldn’t recommend it for the general public.” Her voice sounded weary even to herself. “I’ve done this for three years. I train hard. And before every show, I weigh statistical probability for an accident.” Yeah, right. More likely America would lose interest in a heartbeat if she didn’t push it to the limit on every freaking episode.

“Pretty impressive.” A chuckle, and he rubbed his chin. “The first time I saw you, I
thought Kenny must have made a mistake. A wisp of a girl doing extreme stunts?” He laughed.

“A wisp?” She had more muscle than most guys.

He released a long breath. “You proved me wrong. Your endurance, your strength, flexibility…”

The word hit a nerve, and sent warmth cascading up her neck and across her cheeks.
He hadn’t said it in any suggestive sort of way, but whew, the visions invading her mind deepened her blush. She could show him flexibility. All night long.

He held her gaze, casual yet intense, like he wanted to be nowhere else. “So many hours of mushing tends to make people complain, but not you. Aren’t you tired?”

Not in the way he meant. “No, in fact I feel great. The sauna before dinner helped loosen my muscles.”

“Right.” His voice had turned dreamy, then he snapped out of it. “I should let you get settled in your cabin. You know which one is yours, right?”

“Yes, the third one from the left. I was there earlier.”

“Oh. Good.” He backed away. “Good night, then.”

Dammit, don’t go. She hunched her shoulders. “It’s too early to sleep.”

He halted. “You should rest for tomorrow.”

Not wanting to push him, she edged closer. “Couldn’t we go on an aurora hunt? I’d love to get a better view of the lights.” With him. Alone.

He glanced at the lodge. “But your team—”

“No. I meant you and me. Off camera. Does the lodge have a snowmobile we could

He blinked, and then brightened. “I’ll ask.”

She tried to hide the elation zinging through her as she stepped toward the barn. “I’ll wait with the dogs. If anyone asks, you haven’t seen me.” She held a finger to her smiling lips.

Can true love strike twice?

After the death of her first love, Melanie Michaels buries her grief in the risky demands of a reality show, where her extreme stunts leave her teetering on the edge of danger. That’s exactly where she wants to be—until she arranges for her crew to traverse the Swedish Lapland in the dead of winter. It’s the one place she shouldn’t go, on the one day she should avoid—her would-be wedding anniversary.

Instead of romantic nights spent in the Ice Hotel or under the Northern Lights, Melanie is stuck with Joe “Buck” Wright, a snarky loner tour guide who loves his sled dogs and nothing and no one else. But Buck is also t
rying to numb a painful past. Can two people skilled at pushing others away find warmth at the edge of the Arctic?

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Cate Masters is a hopeless romantic who loves a bit of adventure in her stories, whether contemporary, historical or paranormal/fantasy. Connect with her online at her blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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Advance praise for TWICE IN A BLUE MOON
“...a great read. It is fun, it is romantic, it is moving.” – Dan Curnett, 5 stars
“...a quick romance read that will undoubtedly leave them wanting more” – Maria, 4 stars
“... a satisfying and enjoyable read” – Jennifer Schultheis, 4 stars
“I really liked this book! It had a unique setting and a hero with a lot of baggage” – JoMarie DeGioia, 4 stars