Erotic Romance

All Mine by LB James

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Are there many erotic romances that involve married couples? Not many I've discovered. Most books involve two complete strangers, two people who have known each other in the past and reconnected, two people who are committed, and that's just possibilities for two people! I didn't even hit on a threesome or other group scenarios. So back to my question--have you read many erotic romances of married couples?

When I started my 'Mine' series, I chose a married couple who were very much in love and VERY hot for each other. The conflict isn't falling in love, it's finding time (and in my stories) ways to express that love. Enjoy!

One lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win an ebook of All Mine. Good luck!

Here's the beginning of All Mine: (Note- This is soooo not PG-13)

“I'm in the car now, baby. I'll be there in twenty minutes,” I told my husband, Eric. My eyes were on the road in front of me, the rush hour traffic swarmed past, my mind on my man.

“It's been a week. Your business trip was way too long. I wish we could spend the night at home, in bed.” His voice had that gravelly sound I recognized as desire. “I've got a list of things I want to do to you.”

My body heated at his words. I did so enjoy Eric's lists. “Really? A list? Tell me more.”

Sex talk would definitely help pass the time in this traffic. I used my blinker to move over a lane on the highway. I'd dashed from the airport after nearly a week in Detroit putting the final touches on a deal for work. Now I needed to get home and change into something sexy for Eric's best friend's wedding, something to make Eric hard and hot for me the moment he saw me.

“For starters, I'd get you naked. I'd push you down onto the bed, spread your legs wide and lick your pussy until you whimper and beg me to take you. I'm hungry for the taste of you.” I squirmed in my seat, imagination and memory combining in an erotic movie in my mind. Oh, hell yes. He was damn good at doing exactly that.

“Then what?”

“Your favorite. Once I make you come, I'll flip you and fuck you from behind.”

Eric was right, it was my favorite. I loved how his cock rammed into me, rubbing right over my G-spot perfectly. My skin flushed and heated at his words, at the thoughts they brought about. I felt my nipples tighten, my pussy start to get wet.

“Once I have you bent over the bed, I'll select something special from our toy box before I pull out of your pussy and put my cock in your—” Eric cut off and I heard him mumbling to someone, then sigh with regret.

“They found me. I ducked into the church office for some privacy, but they tracked me down. I've got to go. Groomsmen photos. Sorry. It was just getting good, too.”

“Yeah,” I said, with longing. Good wasn't the word I had in mind. Hot, sexy, steamy. Horny. I agreed with Eric. A week was too long to be apart.

“Are you hard and ready for me?” I had to know.

“Yes. I'll have to stand behind the guys for the pictures. Damn, woman, when are you going to be here?”

“Twenty minutes.”

“Twenty minutes. Not a minute longer, wife. I've got plans.”

His seductive tone left no doubt what those plans might entail. I squirmed again, not sure I could wait.