Erotic Romance

Broken By Janie S. Monares

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Abused constantly by her husband, Elliana is determined to make her marriage work. As a daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher, divorce is unheard of in her family, not to mention that it could cause her father to disown her if she even discussed it.

When Elliana’s husband, Mark, who is a part of the Search and Rescue Team in the US Navy, is transferred from Pensacola, Florida, Elliana travels with him, leaving her mother and father behind.

Alone and afraid in a small California town of Mountain View, Elliana takes on a job as a receptionist at a well-known advertising firm. Shortly after her employment, her boss, Kate, notices Elliana coming to work wearing more makeup than usual and disengaging herself from her colleagues. Coming from an abusive marriage, Kate is familiar with the signs of domestic abuse and brings it to the attention of the Human Resources department in hopes to get Elliana some help. With Elliana being across country from her family, Kate knows exactly how hard it is to get out of that particular situation.
When Griffin Reid, the most eligible bachelor on the West Coast arrives at the advertising agency for a meeting with the company’s CEO, he is utterly shocked when he sees the battered receptionist seated behind the desk, trying her hardest to paste on a smile. When their eyes meet, Griffin if fully aware that he is looking at his soul mate. During his meeting, he asks the CEO of Elliana’s situation and is stunned of what Dave reveals to him. With tension settling in his gut, he is determined to rescue her from the hands of the monster who is hurting her, and Griffin stops at nothing to prove how much he loves her.

But, Elliana doesn’t fall for him as quickly as one would expect. Although women are throwing themselves constantly at him, Elliana is quite aware of his playboy charm and his promiscuous ways. She vows not to become just another notch on Mr. Reid’s bedpost.

At a company party with Mark by her side, Elliana is stunned when she discovers that her boss revealed to Mark that he is aware of the abuse and will report him if it ever happens again. Griffin notices the tight grip that Mark has on her arm when the two flee from the event, and Griffin follows them in hopes that he can prevent Mark from hurting her again.

But, it’s too late. When Griffin finds his beloved Elliana unconscious, he’s guilt stricken as he holds her listless, battered body, cradled in his arms. Will this finally convince Elliana to divorce her husband? She is still battling with the thought of her father’s
beliefs weighing on her mind.

Confused, Elliana makes a fast getaway, leaving her job and Griffin behind. But Griffin, assuming she’s heading to Florida, beats Elliana to her parents’ home so he can explain to her father about what Mark has done to his daughter. When Griffin shows Elliana’s father a picture on his phone of her mutilated face, her father becomes enraged, and tries his hardest to convince Elliana to come back home.

Stubborn as ever, Elliana doesn’t listen and ventures on her road trip, making a pit stop in Fort Worth, taking on a job as an innkeeper at a hotel in the Stockyards. Griffin traces her cell phone and discovers where she’s been staying and he acquires a hotel room so he can keep a watchful eye on her. Seeing Elliana being groped by a cowboy in a country bar causes Griffin to reveal himself when he saves her from the man’s clenches.
Back in California, now separated, Mark kidnaps Elliana and takes her to a secluded cabin high in the mountains of Lake Tahoe. Griffin stops at nothing to save her. When the SWAT team arrives, gunfire is exchanged and someone loses their life. But who? Will Elliana and Griffin ever be together, or will she hold Griffin’s past against him and make him move on without her?

This steamy novel demonstrates the true love of a man and how he stops at nothing to prove how he feels. Filled with steamy love scenes, “Broken” is my most cherished story. It is based on true events, which makes it so special to me. I hope you enjoy reading the novel as much as I have enjoyed writing it.