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Give And Receive By Alisa Anderson

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

alisa anderson

Tyler Malone: Life as a rock star is anything but boring. Money, power and fame is an addictive drug I crave that gets me off...every time. Millions of adoring fans, willing to do anything just for me to glance their way. What's not to love? All I ever wanted was the one who wouldn't. She's the one person I crave more than the life, more than the money and power. More than anything...

Danny Blake: Some smart-assed reporter nicknamed me the "The Dark Prince," because I shun the limelight. I prefer being behind the scenes, always have. Fame is now a choke hold around my neck, a dark, lonely road that never seems to end. The one light in my life is her. The person who matters above everything else. At one time I thought we could be happy together, but I lost that chance when I married someone else...

Lena Roman: Owner of the infamously notorious nightclub Sadist, head of a massive PR empire; nothing "Queen Midas" touches doesn't turn to gold. Fiercely passionate, loyal and headstrong, she is the woman who loves them both, with a fiery heat that's all consuming. Choosing between her best friend and the one she stupidly allowed at one time to claim her heart wasn't going to be easy...but she had to, right? You can't love two people at once...



There was no room for error or mistake. He made his choice, years ago, which basically dictated hers.

He was unavailable. Married. Hands off. Not that she gave a damn about a ring, truthfully. Her ginormous ego simply refused to be an afterthought or come in second to some other bitch sporting his rock. Lena came in second for no one. Not even him. But sweet Jesus, he made it incredibly tempting to break every last one of her rules of do’s and don’ts.

“Speak of the devil.” Ty gave a nod as he walked up to the bar.

“What up, brother.” He lifted his drink and Danny nodded his greeting back.

Lena blinked at Ty. “No. Actually we weren’t.”

“No, actually we weren’t…what.” Ty sounded casual, but his attempt at being deliberately obtuse didn’t fool her for one minute. She knew he was up to shit.

“No, actually we weren’t…speaking of the devil. Or Danny.” Her voice was carefully neutral as she glanced at Ty with an indecipherable expression.

“Same difference, right? I kid. But real talk, though. You didn’t ask me where Danny was? Sorry. That’s my bad, I guess. Thought you did.” He grinned and tossed back his vodka tonic. He knew what he was doing, apparently.

What she couldn’t figure out was why.

“You were asking about me, L?”

Danny was the only one who ever called her that.

Her engine began to start, and softly purr with pleasure.

“Oh. Yeah. I’m sure...I mean, yeah, of course.”

She gave Ty a look, which he ignored.

“You know I always like to hear how you and the rest of the band are doing. My brain’s asleep or something.”

Her words rushed...breathless.

“Well what are you waiting for? Give me some love, girl.”

As she reached up to give him a hug, she was careful to maintain her distance.

His head bent down and his lips were feather light, grazing the sinuous skin of her collarbone.

She always did feel like silk.

Her soft curls skimmed Danny’s lips, tickling as he closed his eyes, inhaling the sweet, fragrant peach blossom scent of her shampoo as it teased, taunted his senses.

He held her for a minute, just a bit longer than he should have.

Almost like he never wanted to let her go.

When he opened them, Ty was staring at him. He took in everything and was silent and observing. Knowing.

Danny started to give her a kiss on the cheek and she backed away slightly, instinctively into Ty’s chest. Ty’s veined, sinewy hands surrounded her hips seemingly without thinking, almost protective in stance. Possessive even.

The action was duly noted.

He stared at those hands, his hands, for what seemed like an eternity. Then he raised his eyes to lock with Ty’s, as something silent and unspoken passed between them.

He’d be a complete idiot not to see the currents of electricity that existed between her and Ty, even if she didn’t. Or wouldn’t.

Lena didn’t notice any of this. She was busy watching Danny, who was still close enough to touch. She looked at his cheekbones, shadowed by the dark hair falling forward.

She smelled his scent, masculine and uninhibited, speaking of forbidden promise and a hundred different taboo fantasies brought to life in her mind.

She needed to run. Now. From the feelings he made her feel, from the chaotic madness she struggled to maintain when he was near, from the way her heart almost exploded in her chest, whenever she so much as tasted his name on her tongue.

Only then did she realize she was trapped between both men and it was useless to even try and get away. Only then did she comprehend where Ty’s hands were and had been for some time. Only then was she aware of him rubbing her thigh carelessly and she felt a warm flush heat her face.

Danny wanted to rip his hands off of her, but knew it shouldn’t make one crap load of difference to him what they did or didn’t do.

After all…he was a happily married man.

It was just that every so often…the lie he lived every day of his life became almost impossible to stomach.


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