Erotic Romance

Hot & Lei'd By Khloe Adams

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The truth behind Khloe Adams is—she’s not one author but three. Plus, one of the authors is a USA TODAY Bestseller and has written over 75 books. Together, they write hot and sexy contemporary romance with a touch of humor.

Their story began when they met each other on an elevator at a Romantic Times Convention. Only this was no ordinary ride. The elevator became stuck between the fiftieth and fifty-first floors at the hotel.

But don’t get worried. They write romance, not horror.

They were trapped with a male model from the cover of several steamy romances. He kept them very entertained. Afterward, they needed a drink to cool down and headed for the nearest bar.

One thing led to another and they decided to form a partnership and write about independent women and strong, sexy guys. With the help of modern technology, they’ve managed to do it. Two of them live in Florida, and the other one lives in Colorado. A recent USA TODAY review said, "Khloe Adams writes hot with a flair—great humor."

Their debut serial Donut Shop Diva features four bite-sized erotic romances focusing on Miranda's story: HOT & GLAZED #1, HOT & LEI'D #2, HOT & CUFFED #3 and HOT & HOOKED #4. Miranda’s Complete Story is also available on Amazon as a book bundle.

Excerpt from HOT & LEI’D Book 2 in Donut Shop Diva Serial

I licked the cherry nipple off the tip of a hand-crafted, pyramid-shaped, glazed donut that my sister had dubbed the booby. The cherry sweetness wasn’t enough to make me forget that I was hurtling through the air over the lush mountains of Maui to the small town of Hana in a flimsy nine-seat puddle-jumper. But it helped.

“Let me get this straight,” said the skinny guy sitting across the narrow aisle from me.

“You’re dating Aiden Knight.”

I wouldn’t exactly call it dating. Ten days ago, Aiden and I had shared a mind-blowing one-night hook-up that changed me in ways I couldn’t describe. “Aiden bought my plane ticket.”

“Aiden Knight? The superstar NFL quarterback?” His gaze swept over me. “You sure are cute but you don’t seem like his type.”

He was right about that. At five feet, two inches, I’d never qualify to be a super model. At nearly twenty-five years old, I was practically over-the-hill for sashaying down the runway. I wasn’t a classic beauty, but I had been told more than once that I had pretty blue eyes, a nice smile and thick honey-blonde hair.

I shrugged. “Definitely not a super model.”

“Then you must be somebody famous,” the guy said excitedly. “Who are you?”
“Miranda Hunter. My sister and I own a donut shop near downtown Denver.” Politely, I held the box of donuts toward him. “Would you like a booby?”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

I watched as he took a bite. As soon as the sugar and dough hit his taste buds, his squinty eyes popped wide, and he exhaled a moan that sounded like an orgasm.

“Wow,” he said, “that was really good.”

“Thanks,” I said with pride.

Our shop, HOT & GLAZED, had been open for a little over a year, and we were already starting to make a decent profit—although not enough to pay for anything like this trip from Denver to Maui.

My younger sister, Rachel, was a brilliant master baker, and I handled the business end with sales, promotions and accounting. My framed CPA certificate hung on the wall of our tiny office next to the kitchen. My ultimate plan was world domination of the donut world, building a national franchise of HOT & GLAZED all across the country. Rachel and I were on the golden road that led to a brilliant career, financial success and independence. I had been a driven woman with no time for fun... until I met Aiden.

The plane took a crazy jump. A gross, oily smell hit my nostrils. The whir of the engines changed pitch, and it sounded to me like they were screaming: Don’t let us crash, please don’t let us crash. I grabbed another booby and crammed it into my mouth. Stress did this to me. I ate everything in sight. Would the five pounds I’d probably gained from scarfing down almost a dozen donuts cause this teeny-tiny plane to plummet?

When the pilot—not a ticket counter person but the guy who sat at the controls
—checked me in at Maui International, he asked how much I weighed. The plane was so small they sat us according to poundage.

I closed my eyes and prayed this trip was worth my anxiety. That Aiden Knight was worth it.

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