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Ingénue by Alexandra Christian

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Thanks so much to the RomCon® Erotica blog for having me today. I’m very excited, as I’m an avid reader of the RomCon blog, so it’s a bit of a thrill to be able to be here. I’m here today touting my newest release with Ellora’s Cave. It’s a short and sexy historical called “Ingenue.” It’s a tale of the Golden Age of Vaudeville when folks flocked to dancehalls and theaters to see singers, dancers, bawdy comedians and sexy stripteasers. When I originally pitched this idea to my editor over at Ellora’s, she loved the idea and asked me that one question that authors answer ad nauseum: “Where do you get your ideas?” Especially the ones that are so far removed from your real life? Just a heads up, I’m not a burlesque dancer from the 1920s. I know… hard to believe. Anyway, I thought I’d talk a little about my greatest inspirations.

Music is always the first on my list. It is a constant muse that I cannot live without. I have endless playlists and stockpiles of music on my computer. When I begin a new story, I always go through my music and pick out songs that I think will help me out on the journey. In fact, if you’re a subscriber to Spotify, look me up and you’ll find the playlist I used for “Ingénue” as well as most of my other projects. It might be a lyric from a song that sparks an idea for a whole story or scene or it may be just a few measures or phrases of the melody that click in my mind.

People are very inspiring to me. Celebrities, regular folks, people I know, people I don’t know—they’re all constant fountains of inspiration. I’m an avid people watcher and I’m always taking note of interesting little things about a person’s personality to use for a character. When I start out writing a story, I usually have a cast of characters in my head. It helps me to know what they look like when I get started. I’ve even gone so far as to create character studies that have pictures, notes about personality traits, backstories and even costuming. I use Pinterest a lot for this purpose and many of my stories have their own pin boards that you are welcome to look at for yourself (yes, I will put links to all of my social media at the end). I also have boards devoted to my muses (yeah, I’m lookin’ at you Benedict Cumberbatch), travel locations, rooms and settings, quotes, art—anything that inspires me.

Movies and literature will often kickstart my creative juices. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie and have a flash of what might have happened if this or that had happened instead. Or I’ll read a book and think, “I could have done this so much better.” I think to be a great writer, you have to be an observer of the world around you. It’s that old adage about art imitating life. We write about things that we see every day. I never believed in that mumbo -jumbo about only writing what you know, but if you’re observing the world, really looking at it, then you can use that knowledge to write about almost anything.

So while I’m not a burlesque dancer from the 1920s, I think I can relate to Rose d’Vine, my heroine in “Ingénue.” She’s a woman caught between her heart and her head. To follow her heart is probably not the wisest thing, but she finds that it’s the only way to realize her dreams.


Blurb for “Ingenue”:

Never fall in love with a hoofer. That’s the advice given to Stefan—advice he immediately ignores when he falls head-over-heels in love with burlesque dancer Rose, the shimmying, corseted star of the Footlight Theatre. But wicked, wounded Rose is far out of the humble stagehand’s reach.

Rose has stars in her eyes—and bruises on her face. As she suffers abuse at the hands
of a cruel patron, she dreams of the day when she’ll find her way out of her nightmare and into the arms of the passionate, protective Stefan.

Inside scoop: This book contains scenes of domestic violence before the heroine fights back and finds her true hero.


About Alexandra Christian:

Alexandra Christian is an author of mostly paranormal erotic romance and horror. In case you don't know what that means, she writes about not-so-nice girls getting it on with out- of- this- world heroes. Vampires, werewolves, selkies, angels and demons-- and that's just recently!

A self-proclaimed “Southern Belle from Hell,” Lexxx is a native South Carolinian who lives with an epileptic wiener dog and a pet ghost hunter. She has published several novels, novellas and short stories with Ellora’s Cave, Purple Sword Publications and Mocha Memoirs Press. She looks forward to sharing her twisted view of reality with the masses through erotic paranormal romance and horror. Lexxx’s long-term aspirations are to one day be a bestselling authoress and part-time pinup girl.


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