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Innocence Lost By Helen Johnston

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Blake is an Elder vampire, meaning he was born that way and not made into one.

Being an Elder, he is one of the Council members that governs their world, his word is law. He has been searching for his Queen all his life, and being over four hundred years old, that's a pretty damn long time. He thinks he has no hope of ever finding her, until he is foretold he will meet her. 

And they do meet, but she is cruelly snatched from his arms by his enemies.

When she is kidnapped, she is kept in a veritable fortress and is awakened to the sensual and carnal pleasures that should have been taught by Blake. Instead it is by strangers.

Craving and wanting his touch, she longs for him to rescue her.

Blake is able to send in a couple of people from his Order to protect her while he is unable to. Unbeknown to him, his brother is still alive and where she is being kept, Blake wrongly thought he had died long ago. But he has turned into a very mean and controlling vampire.

But Blake's love for her never dims. 

After everything Siobhan has been through she is worried that he couldn't love her still. Siobhan loves Blake and he is her only true love, as he is hers. 

The story unfolds and continues in Book Two: Innocence Reclaimed and Book Three: Innocence Reborn.

Excerpt Of Innocence Lost:

In the South of France, sitting in their favourite bar, sipping a margarita, Siobhan looked around. It was well into the six week holiday with her friends, a job well done present from the parents as a result from their school exams. Imogen’s parents owed a very ritzy villa here, up in the hills and had very gracelessly loaned it to them.

All night, and if she was honest the past few nights, she’d felt as if someone was watching her and her friends. You know the feeling, the hairs on your arms or the back of your neck stand up with no reason and you shiver? She'd noticed it when they arrived but could see nothing out of the ordinary. 

Good friends, good wine, good music. 

The crowds parted like the proverbial red sea, her eyes following the movement and were captured in a dazzling, intense, emerald green gaze. Her breath caught in her throat, her hand stilling midway to her mouth, and her glass was left hovering. Her mouth was agape, her tongue very nearly hanging out and practically drooling. Imogen, who was sitting next to her, elbowed her in the ribs to get her attention.

But her attention was so not on whatever her friend was trying to tell her.

As the four girls became aware of the men now walking, no scrub that, were stalking-in their direction, quickly calling dibs on the ones they wanted.

Seraphina wanted one of the twins, the one with the short crew cut. He was a massive mountain of a man and looked to be at least six feet six inches. He looked positively mad, bad and dangerous to know.

“This is exactly how I want my men,” she told them with a giggle, her eyes shining excitedly.

“I’ll have the other twin, thank you very much, there is a God.” Imogen whispered. The other one, was just as large and ferocious looking, but whose eyes were very nearly drilling a hole directly into hers. His hair was longer and highlighted to a light blonde.

Charlotte, the ever quiet one of the group, was smiling as they quickly talked about which one they wanted.

I don’t think I get a say in which one I want, Siobhan thought a little shakily, as it was perfectly clear which one was intent on being hers. Not for one second would she chose differently though.

Marching right up to her, he brazenly took hold of her hands, dipping his head down, and gently grazed the back of her knuckles with his lips. She shuddered at the touch, and as non-sexual as it had been, it still had the power to make her shudder.

From that first innocent touch Blake had felt it, she was the one, this was his Queen. The old fortune teller had been right. Here he was fifty years to the day, in a hot, foreign land, hand in hand with his soul mate.

Quickly, he made the introductions.

“I’m Blake, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he told her, all the while not taking his eyes away from hers. His deep, masterful voice warming parts of her she hadn’t realized were chilled.

“Siobhan.” She whispered breathlessly. Her eyes wide, like a shy doe caught in someone’s headlights.

Miraculously, the girls had each got their dibs.

“The twins, Nat and Alex, are easily distinguishable,” he told them, as Alex sat down next to Imogen smiling, and Seraphina let out a loud happy squeal as Nat picked her up, placing her in his lap “Alex has the blond highlights, and Nat has more or less no hair.”
Their warm, liquid, brown eyes were mesmerizing as they stared at the two girls.

Ethan, the fourth man, smiling at Charlotte, sat next to her, introducing himself. She was surprised at how quickly Charlotte seemed to take to him. She was the most introverted of the group. To say her background had some unsavoury issues in it before she had arrived at their private boarding school would have been an understatement.
The evening sped along and she was sucked into the void, consisting only of her and Blake. His clothes were impeccable. His suit was obviously of the highest quality. All of the men were suave and sophisticated. Judging them to be in their late twenties, early thirties and it made her feel a little young and gauche.

But he was slowly and gently bringing her out of her shell, somehow knowing how inexperienced she was with the opposite sex. He didn’t push too hard, didn’t touch her inappropriately, but still was touching her enough to make her whimper as they danced the night away.

Siobhan was tall at five feet seven, but was feeling dainty and very feminine as his arms wrapped her in a cocoon of sensuality. As they danced, her silk, backless halter dress gently caressed her hips, skimming her curves as she moved elegantly in his embrace. His hands continually ran up and down her naked back. It was the hottest thing she’d ever done and it was only a dance, for Christ’s sake. Watching her friends, they all seemed completely at ease with their chosen man, happily dancing or talking at their table.

Carrying on that way for a few fun-filled nights of craziness, getting to know each other and slowly she let her barriers drop.

One evening, on a shopping trip, he presented her with an antique looking golden locket. The intricate pattern on the front was overlaid onto some words that made no sense to her and the whisper of a chain felt heated.

“You must promise me, Si, never to remove it. Promise me. It will keep you from harm.”

His eyes seeming to darken as he gave her the order, his voice low and enchanting.

Little did they know at that moment in time how the promise that it would keep her from harm, would be put to the test in the most brutal of ways...



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