Erotic Romance

Complicated Love By Iris Deorre

Blog Diva - Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Eden is carrying a secret so dark she feels the need to pay for it by never falling in love again. Only her friend Olivia since school years knows the whole story.

Eden believes that she doesn’t deserve love but one night on an evening out Eden bumps into Jude, a man fifteen years younger than she is. The young medical student is infatuated but Eden won’t allow herself to feel anything for him. Instead she takes up the offer to date her boss Spencer who has been pestering her for the past few years. Eden will do anything not to fall in love again but Jude won’t give up that easily and Eden finds it hard to resist him because he reminds her so much of her past. The past she never wants to bring up again.

Jude fights his hardest for her but as time passes he gets the feeling that she doesn’t love him back as much as he loves her and wonders if it is worth the effort . Eden has to make a decision that will change the rest of her life and she wonders in the end if she’s made the right decision.  Read More

Snow and the Seventh Wolf by Jessica Aspen

Blog Diva - Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Remember fairy tales from your childhood? Were they racy? Steamy? Suspenseful? Probably not. But mine are. I’m Jessica Aspen and I twist old fairytales into new modern paranormal suspense. Oh yeah, and they are spicy sensual stories for adults. Only adults.

How do I take old tales and spin them into new? I start with spunky heroines who know what they want, but aren’t sure how to get there and introduce heroes who need a bit of work. Oh, yeah, and I like my men with angst. The more angst, the better so if you like tortured dark alpha males then you would appreciate my current novella, Snow and the Seventh Wolf.

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Awakening By Alexandra Anthony

Blog Diva - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Excerpt from Awakening (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 3)

His plan to keep my mind occupied had worked. As he took me time and time again, I equally adored and hated how much I needed him. We destroyed the sheets, ripping them to shreds with scratching fingernails and clenching fists. Hours had passed and my poor body was exhausted, yet still wordlessly begged him for more.

We'd become insatiable, out of control. His overwhelming lust amplified my own, leaving me wanting more when I thought it was impossible.

His hands reached for me again, gathering me in his arms and standing us up. He held my thighs across both of his forearms. My hips were splayed wide open above his pulsing cock, causing an unbearable need to rush over my body like it was the first time we’d made love. My hands clasped his shoulders and I moaned in delicious expectation as I waited for him to plunge himself inside me again.
Stefan didn't make me wait. He never did. Read More

Tumbling Hearts By Kellie Kamryn

Blog Diva - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

As a former elite gymnast and coach, I’ve spent a fair share of my life in a gym. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, so it only seemed natural for me to write a series of books based around the sport that has been such a big part of my life for a long time. Although the setting is unique, you don’t have to be a gymnast or coach to understand the stories in the Love and Balance series. Each book explores aspects of relationships people encounter in everyday life.  Read More

Their Border Lands Refuge By Marla Monroe

Blog Diva - Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Skyler looked over at Owen, her best friend and lover, as they drove down the deserted highway toward the mountains of what used to be Montana before the year of catastrophes. Now it was a wild, untamed land full of good and evil. Mostly evil as far as she was concerned. Once the tornadoes, fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and diseases had wiped out most of the population of the world, those who were left survived the best they could.  Read More

Chocolate, Sex and Other Tasty Treats For The Soul By Kellie Kamryn

Blog Diva - Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Chocolate, Sex and Other Tasty Treats for the Soul is book 3 of the The Harder Series - short erotic contemporary comedies about the Harder siblings, whose roads to love aren't smooth, yet they still have fun and surrender to true love. Other titles are Monkeys, Sex, and Other Birthday Surprises and Celery, Sex, and Other Good Things for the Heart.

One commenter today will win an ecopy of Chocolate… and a $5 Amazon gift card!  Read More

Ride With The Wind By Marla Monroe

Blog Diva - Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reece ducked as a beer bottle flew past his head.

“Don’t you get tired of this crap?”

Dominic chuckled and took a swig of his beer before jumping up to avoid the body that landed in the middle of their table.

“Naw. It’s good entertainment on a Friday night.” He leaned back against the wall and watched as his guys and the local riffraff got it on. “What I do get tired of is paying for the mess afterwards.”

“Ah, hell. The law’s on its way.” The sound of sirens could be heard even above the noise in the bar.

“Let’s get them out of here.” Dominic whistled and grabbed Butch. “Law’s here. Let’s grab everyone and go.”  Read More

Snow In The South By Dani Wade

Blog Diva - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My debut e-release, Snow Bound, finds my characters in an unusual situation for southern Tennessee.

You see, we handle snow a little differently here. People transplanted from the north think we’re a little crazy. That’s okay, though we prefer the term “eccentric”. You see, while a few inches of snow means business as usual for most folks, the southern US isn’t equipped to keep the roads free and clear – and you wouldn’t want us on the road unless they were, trust me.  Read More

Star Of Wonder By Angel Payne

Blog Diva - Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays to all! I really hope that your season is gorgeous, delicious, merry and bright so far—and that everyone’s absolutely chalked up more tallies in the “Naughty” column than the “Nice” column. (C’mon…don’t say I’m the only one here in not-so-obedient land…he he he…)

Speaking of our favorite naughty subject—and that would be naughty MEN, am I right?—I am REALLY excited to introduce you to the next Dom who stomped in and basically hijacked my imagination for a few months. He’s the 3rd featured hero of my Kinky Truth series for Loose-Id, and he’s been basically demanding to be let out for the chance to meet everyone!  Read More

Taming Angelina By Helen Hardt

Blog Diva - Thursday, November 29, 2012


Thank you for having me today at the RomCon Category Romance blog! Taming Angelina released November 23 at Musa Publishing. It’s the first in my new trilogy set in the fictional small western town of Bakersville, Colorado. Bakersville is also the home of my multi-award-winning McCray Brothers series. The first in that series, Ivy League Cowboy, won the 2012 RomCon Reader’s Crown award, and the second, A Cowboy and a Gentleman, was a finalist. If you read Ivy League Cowboy, you’ve already met Angelina Bay, and you know she’s a spoiled ranch heiress. Do you doubt she can be tamed? So did I, at first. Enter Rafe Grayhawk—strong, ethical, and of course, hot as all get out. Sparks are sure to fly! I hope you enjoy Taming Angelina.  Read More