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Permanent Marker by Angel Payne

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The Kinky Truth Series continues with PERMANENT MARKER…Rose and Mark’s Story

You ever get one of those emails that thrills you and terrifies you at once? Mine came on a Sunday morning, one of my favorite “creative times”—and a fact for which I was very glad, because of the message I received. It was my fearless leader from Loose-Id Publications, asking if I’d considered a name for my book series.

“Book series?”

Though the secondary characters in my books do tend to jump out at me, strangle me and not let go until I’ve given them a book of their own, I’d not thought of actually giving them all a big theme, per se. but the idea of unifying my three books immediately grabbed me. Via email, ideas were tossed around. I thought deeply about what I’d wanted to convey with these stories, and admitted that ultimately, I wanted to show characters confronting and accepting their deeper sexuality…their kinky truth.

I hope that you enjoy the journey that Mark Moore and Rose Fabian take toward discovering their “kinky truth” with each other—and ultimately, falling in love because of it. Of course, the setting doesn’t hurt! I’m a sucker for any destination on the water, and picking the Bahamas just made writing this book all the more delicious for me. Let’s face it, anything goes better with some palm trees, a few fruity cocktails…and oh yeah, a love scene on a luxury yacht doesn’t hurt, either!

Here’s a little excerpt, just to give you a taste of what you’re in for:
She glowered. “Are you trying to talk me into or out of this?”

He recrossed his arms. “I’m not talking with you at all. I’m ordering you, Rose. Clothes. Off. Everything. Now. You have thirty seconds. Anything that’s not off by then, I’ll tear and toss.”

Her mouth opened again, as if she got ready to fire off another objection, but then he looked at his watch with raised brows. Her stunned little “Shit!” got muffled as she peeled off her shirt. The shorts got shucked just as fast.

“Time’s up.”

He stated it as she hooked her thumbs into the waist of her delectably virginal white thong. After a sharp look from him, she dropped her hands.

Mark didn’t disguise his deep swallow. Christ, even nearly nude, his pet was breathtaking. The sunlight poured over her breasts like brandy. Her waist was a gentle, sexy curve, and her thighs were long, soft waves of curved grace. Her nipples puckered tighter beneath his rapt stare, and she bent her head again. The woman adopted a submissive’s perfect stance with zero training.

She made him hard in seconds.

Certain she could observe that exact fact with where her gaze dropped, he nonetheless scooted forward until his toes were outside hers. Not uttering another word, he hooked his index fingers into both sides of her panties and tore hard. PERMANENT MARKER is available as of November 13th at your favorite e-reader outlets and directly here:

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