Erotic Romance

Queen's Destiny by L.B. James

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

 (Queen's Destiny - Book 2) A strange message from a kidnapped friend sends Charla, next in line to the throne of Anthea, away from home in search of answers on the dangerous and scintillating Space Station Tantra 9. 'T9' is famous for illegal deeds, sexual excess, and sales of everything imaginable, including the highly prized aphrodisiac Ozera Potent supplied by her people. But she gets too close to her prey and a sorceress from her own planet, an enemy, will take control of her mind and memories, sending her on another mission track down and protect one of the most feared men from her home world, the bastard prince Padraic, pirate, rebel, and blood enemy.

Padraic Lonriev is on a mission of his own. His beloved younger sister was kidnapped by slavers, his niece murdered, and the Crown Sentinals in charge of their protection have both mysteriously vanished. He's determined to find his sister and her abductors, and he has no time for a meddling, naive Moon Warrior from Anthea no matter how attractive or deadly. Trouble is Charla is the only link he has to his missing sister. If he loses the trail now, he might never get it back. Now all he has to do is seduce the fierce female warrior without getting himself killed in the process...or falling in love.

Excerpt:  Queen's Destiny by L.B. James

     He had Hana’s ship. The woman she hunted. The girl she once called friend. “Where is she?”
     “Exactly where she wants to be. With her bonded mate.”
     “I don’t believe you.” And she didn’t. Couldn’t. The thought was too painful. That would mean everything Hana had told her in the message she’d sent was true. Charla refused to believe her entire life was a lie when another explanation was much more logical. “You males brainwashed her, or are holding her captive somewhere.”
     “We shall see.” One of her special gifts was recognizing truth from lies. His answer sent a shiver of dread coursing down her spine. But she didn’t have the time or inclination to argue with him now.
     Four men, weapons drawn, followed, closing in on them from behind. Charla reeled from the psychic currents in the air and shoved Padraic around a corner into another metallic tunnel. Three of the men were high on stims, the fourth was the danger…he was completely sane, totally in control, and utterly evil.
      “You fool.” She hissed at Padraic as they hurried down the exit corridor toward the shuttles in the docking bays. Every space on the walls was covered with moving, three-dimensional advertisements for hot, steamy sex. All types. All species. It was disgusting, frightening…a shiver raced over her skin. Intriguing. “Don’t you realize how many murderers and thieves were in the market? Why did you draw so much attention to yourself?”
     “I had to make sure I got your attention.”
     Why, oh why, did he have to rub his scalding hot hand over her? “Get your hand off me, before I cut it off. We’re being followed.”
     “I know.” The smile in his voice was beyond irritating.
     “Then what in hellsfire are you doing?”
     “Making them believe we’re unaware of their presence.” Padraic rhythmically massaged her buttock, gliding his hand from the small of her back to her thigh, and back.      Everywhere he touched, she burned.
     Padraic stopped mid-stride and pushed her back to the wall. Hot and strong, his hands snaked around her waist and pinned her in place. Behind her on the moving screen, a couple writhed in the heat of mating. Their cries filled her ears, seduced her senses and made her want to mimic their lust. Padraic rested his body against hers, ran his hand up her thigh, higher, to caress her breast. Fire streaked through her from his palm, darted to her core and forced a gasp from her throat. Never had anyone touched her this way, made her want…
     “I can be very convincing.” The threat whispered over her skin, heated her flesh and made her imagine his hot breath caressing every inch of her…without clothing.
     “What?” Goddess, it was hard to think with his hard thighs holding her pinned to the wall, scorching her through her pants…
     Trailing a path of silken fire across her collarbone with his lips, then up her neck, Padraic reverted to telepathy as their mutual enemies, still half a kim away, grew bolder, jostling each other and smiling in anticipation. You have a Stinger?
     Yes. Her firearm was locked safely at her side. Thankful, she flexed her fingers around the weapon. Were it not for that task, she feared she wouldn’t be able to resist burying her hand in his thick hair, pulling his mouth to hers for another taste.
     When I give the command, use it.
     The memory of her first kiss at the slave table haunted her, compelled her to experience the wet temptation of his mouth again. Her tongue darted out to lick the remnants of his essence from her lips. Goddess, he tasted good.
     “I don’t follow orders.” Charla spoke at the precise moment she arched her body into his. Aggressive and hungry, she took his mouth with a savage need to taste the forbidden...

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