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Rogue's Destiny by L B James

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rogue's Destiny Cover Forbidden there anything more fun to read?  Have you ever wondered what would happen if half of the world were ruled by magic, and the other half by technology so advanced it might as well be?  What if those two sides went to war?  Who would win?  And worse, if love between the two sides were forbidden, what would happen if two rebel hearts both fell in love with their mortal enemy?

Kiel is a crown prince, a sorceror, and a rogue.  While hunting for the evil men who kidnapped his younger sister, he is captured by Hana's people and slated for death. She is his only hope for survival. Trouble is, she's second to the throne herself and helping him will mean banishment at best, or, at worst, a death sentence. When the pull between them proves too strong to resist, sparks fly, the sex is hot, and rulers on both sides of their planet become very, very angry. Their love will reveal dark secrets...and reignite the war for freedom.

This is the first book in the series, and I hope you have fun reading and romping through this highly charged encounter between two sworn enemies who can't keep their hands, or their hearts, to themselves no matter the odds.

EXCERPT: Rogue's Destiny by L B James
(Book 1 of The Ozera Wars)
     She slid her hand up his leg to his knee to untie the leather binding his legs together. Coarse hair tickled her palm. Powerful muscle flexed beneath her fingers. Fascination held her there for a moment. She loved the feel of his hot skin in her hand. He moaned and turned his head away from her. He was perfect.
     Mine. Unbidden, the claim shouted inside her mind.
     “I am going to free you, Prince of Melos.” She needed his cooperation if he wanted to get out of here alive. “I’m going to get you out of here.”
     Give me a weapon.
     Not a chance. She smiled and squeezed his leg. This was her last opportunity to touch him. His rippling stomach muscles felt like heaven beneath her hand as she worked the other knots loose and absorbed the heat of his skin. His nipples rolled into hard peaks beneath her fingertips. If things were different, if he were truly hers she could taste him there. Just once…
     Hurry. Give me a weapon. How do I get out of here? He spoke of fleeing, of fighting, but flooded her mind with desire. He moaned and the sound rumbled up through his thick chest into her fingertips. Fascinating.
     The potent combination of cinna oil, sweat, and skin invaded her nostrils. Her core roared to life, throbbed. Demanded. Then begged for a taste of the perfect male before her. She longed to trace his nipple again with her tongue, then lick and nip every inch of his chest, up his neck, along his jaw line…to his lips.
She ran the tip of her tongue along her lips, tasting his unique scent in the air. How she longed to know a real kiss. The soft lines of his lips were denied her. Oh, she would give almost anything to taste him. But he would never open to her. He would not yield to the enemy. And she couldn’t blame him. She couldn’t believe she allowed the thoughts to linger when they could be discovered at any moment.
     “Goddess, I’m sorry.” She breathed the apology against his ear, “For everything.” She was Anthean. She was not destined to know what it meant to be kissed by this man. Any man. She was supposed to be saving his life, not making him the star of her ridiculous mind play!
     She reached over his head and grabbed the key that would free him. Beneath her, his hot breath seeped through the thin silver nightrobe that covered her breasts. Her nipples hardened where they hung suspended above his mouth. If he just lifted his head…
Awareness sizzled her nerve endings. Focus. She had a job to do, a war to prevent, a man to set free…
     “They want to seed you to two houses.” Her whisper sounded huge in the empty chamber. “It will surely kill you.”
     The giant tensed beneath her as she gently removed the gag from his mouth. Raw power, magic¸ surged through his body and froze her in place. She was a not a warrior who’d spent a lifetime training to fight and kill. She was about to free an angry giant with power she couldn’t even comprehend. The elders of Law allowed her to carry only her smallest dagger while staying in their House. The weapon was strapped to her thigh. Without the drugs, the elders wouldn’t have been able to hold him. He was more powerful than anyone she’d ever met. Perhaps setting him free wasn’t such a good idea…
     “No.” His rough voice jarred her back to the moment. “Do not lose your courage now, woman! Do not leave me here.”
     “I…” Doubt twisted her stomach into a tight knot. What would he do once free? Would he return with a marauding army and attack her home? She hesitated, chewed her bottom lip with worry. She was trying to save lives, not invite more bloodshed.
     “What is your price?” He swung his head to face her. Staring down at his blindfolded face unnerved her almost as much as his husky voice. “Name your price.”

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