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Star Of Wonder By Angel Payne

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays to all! I really hope that your season is gorgeous, delicious, merry and bright so far—and that everyone’s absolutely chalked up more tallies in the “Naughty” column than the “Nice” column. (C’mon…don’t say I’m the only one here in not-so-obedient land…he he he…)

Speaking of our favorite naughty subject—and that would be naughty MEN, am I right?—I am REALLY excited to introduce you to the next Dom who stomped in and basically hijacked my imagination for a few months. He’s the 3rd featured hero of my Kinky Truth series for Loose-Id, and he’s been basically demanding to be let out for the chance to meet everyone!

I have a bit of a dilemma with this task, however. Even though I finished Dante and Celina’s book, STAR OF WONDER (available on December 11th!) months ago, I still get a little tongue-tied around the man. Wait until you meet him. I think you’ll understand. I mean, the man is beyond rich, wears his clothes like a practiced model, funny as hell, buys his mom flowers once a month…and then there’s that whole ability to slam a girl against the wall and kiss her senseless thing…

You NOW see why I need a little help here! I am very happy to say that Dante’s best friend, Mark Moore, volunteered to join me in a little three-way conversation to help you all get to know Mr. Tieri a little better. (And hell, when two incredibly gorgeous Doms want to have a girl all to themselves for a few minutes, who’s to complain?)

Here’s the way the conversation went…

Angel: I’m so thrilled you two found some time for me. Thank you both. I know you’ve been a little busy, preparing for the holidays with your women.

MARK: I always have time for you, Angel. You did bring me my Rose, after all. And in the Bahamas, no less.

DANTE: And I have a little star named Celina to be thankful for, too.

Angel: You have a cute nickname for Cel, don’t you, Dante?

DANTE: *Smiles softly.* Si, Angelina. I call her “stellina.” It roughly translates to “little star” in Italian.

Angel: Ah, yes. Your Italian heritage is important to you.

DANTE: If I answer otherwise, I’ll have my Mamma to answer to.

Angel: Is that such a bad thing?

DANTE: Not at all. But let’s face it, with my little sister having the family’s first grandbaby this Spring, and my big brother all but missing, the woman’s a little on edge lately.

Angel: Is that why you buy her flowers every month?

DANTE: I buy her flowers because I love her. And because women should always be treated like queens.

MARK: *With a huge smirk* Now you see why the man had a few issues embracing his dominant side.

DANTE: *Shaking his head.* Yeah. That was pretty crazy to wrap my head around. Thank fuck for you and that half-gallon of whisky, my friend. Angel: How long have you two been besties, anyway?

MARK: Okay, Angel—first of all, men don’t say “besties.” Second, it’s been long enough. *Glances at Dante.* Right, man?

DANTE: Yeah, I’d say that sounds about right. I was bored one weekend and decided to do some sky diving for fun. Mark was on the same jump. I helped him with a few tips.

MARK: You helped me with a few-- *growls low* Ass face.

DANTE: *Laughing.* I’m just playing with you, Marker Man. You know that. *Looks back to Angel.* The truth is, I owe this guy a lot. If it wasn’t for him, I’m not sure Celina and I would have made our way back to each other. After we were together the first time, we were both messes. This guy helped me understand that Power Exchange is actually a wonderful thing for a man and a woman, if both understand it and treasure it for the gift it can be.

Angel: *Smiling now herself.* See? I knew you and Celina would be good for each other—even if you two didn’t see it for yourselves at first.

DANTE: Hey, I sure as hell saw it! I can’t help it if she was a little stubborn.

MARK: Stubborn isn’t such a bad thing in a woman, Inferno Boy. *Smirks again and scrubs his beard with one hand.* You just gotta make sure that when it overrides everything else, you tie her down and spank some sense into her.

DANTE: *Giving a full laugh.* Well said, amico mio. Well said. Angel: So tell me what the two of you are doing for the holidays? Are you spending it together, with the girls, or with family?

MARK: Well, as you know, Angel, Rose has given me a very special Christmas gift this year. I won’t give it away, for those who haven’t read STAR OF WONDER yet. But suffice it to say that she and I will be sticking close to home to treasure that. After the holidays, I’ve been requested on Capital Hill as a special consultant on some projects, so we’ll be in Washington through February and March. After that, we’re taking a couple of weeks off in the Bahamas again. Returning to where it all began…

DANTE: Shit. And you call me the hopeless romantic?

MARK: Yeah, I do call you that. And after everyone reads the last chapter of STAR OF WONDER, they’ll pretty much agree with me!

DANTE: *Pointedly ignores that comment, and looks at Angel.* To answer your question, I’ll be taking Celina to my mom’s place, so that she can meet the whole family. Well, everyone except my brother. Raff is missing again. What’s new? *Shakes his head and puts on a smile again.* IF my stellina still likes me after meeting my family, I plan on taking her to Rome for New Year’s. There’s a special question I want to ask her there.

Angel: On THAT promising note, I’ll say goodbye and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to both of you awesome men. Thank you again for joining me to let the readers get to know you both a little better.

MARK: Thank you, Angel. It’s always a pleasure.

DANTE: Grazie mille, Angelina. Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo.

I really hope that you all enjoy Dante and Celina’s story: STAR OF WONDER! It’s available directly from Loose-Id, right here, or at any of your favorite ebook outlets. Please come and check out my other books, as well as previews for future books, at my website.

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