Erotic Romance

The Girl With The Curves By Iris Deorre

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The girl with the curves! Sometimes life seems straightforward, but what happens when there are curves along the way. Does it seem fair that some get the straight road and others the winding road?

When curvy Harley finally gets the job of her dreams after twenty job applications, she’s in for a big surprise. Sebastian Forrest, her new boss is the man she’d love to hate. For a while Sebastian goes against her and makes her feel like she isn’t good enough, but there’s a reason, and soon Harley will find out why.

The road isn’t straightforward and the more Harley gets to know Sebastian the more her heart warms to him. But soon she finds out something that takes her back to her bitter past and forces her to ask some difficult questions.

The girl with the curves is the first in the series of Positive Curves.

‘Itssss Kyle….he left meeeeee!’ The tears started up again and she sounded like a choking engine.

‘Oh gosh, why what happened?’ Harley hadn’t been under the impression they’d been in trouble.

Kyle was Amber’s solicitor boyfriend. He worked in a different department but for the same company. He was handsome but nothing striking and Harley had often wondered what Amber had seen in the guy in the first place. Kyle was arrogant and sarcastic; dining out with him was like scrubbing a brillo pad against ones skin.

‘He said.’ She sniffed and straightened up. ‘That it just wasn’t working.’

‘What wasn’t working?’


‘Did you ask him why?’

She nodded.


‘He gave me that line, it’s not you it’s me…I just need to play the field a bit more. I feel as though you’re suffocating me.’

‘Jerk!’ Harley was hardly surprised; he was never one to deliver bad news delicately.

‘What am I going to dooooo!’ The tears erupted again.

Harley took both Amber’s hands into hers and waited for the cries to die down. When only a few sniffs were heard, Harley stood up and made her way to the kitchen; pulled out a giant tub of chocolate ice-cream from the fridge and picked up two desert spoons.

‘Here.’ Harley handed her a spoon and put the tub between them.

‘I can’t eat that, I’ll get bigger. Lips to hips.’ She tried to smile.

‘Oh honey please. Listen to yourself. You and I both know we’ve got big booties, we are never going to look like Victoria Secret models, so eat.’ Harley popped open the yummy ice-cream. ‘Come on, why try and be something you’re not? Your words not mine.’ She took the first scoop and took it into her mouth.

A smile crept up on Amber’s face and soon she was digging into the creamy ice-cream too…

‘I hate men!’ Amber screeched.

‘Hmmm, but we love them too!’ Harley thought back to her boss. He was the sexiest man she’d ever set eyes on and yet she couldn’t stand to be near him.

‘Doesn’t it just annoy you?!’ Amber dug the spoon into the tub and brought out a big blob of ice-cream.

‘They think they rule the world!’

‘I’m assuming you mean your boss in particular?’

‘I don’t get that guy. Why the hell did he hire me if he doesn’t want any input from me?’

‘Honey it looks good on the books.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean? I worked damn hard to get to where I am.’

‘Why don’t you leave?’

‘And go where? I’m probably already past my sell by date.’

‘Oh don’t be so hard on yourself. There will be someone who will appreciate you.’

‘I don’t think I can handle another string of interviews.’

‘Hmmm there’s that.’

‘I’ll be competing with a new set of graduates.’

‘You’ll have experience behind you.’

Harley pondered on these things, would it be that difficult to get another job. Her thoughts drifted to the time she’d begun to job hunt, it hadn’t been very uplifting, more soul destroying.

‘I’ll stick with it for a while longer. Maybe when I’ve more experience I could freelance.’

‘Good idea.’

Soon the talk died down and the pair watched some television. Buttercup came out of under her hiding place and made herself comfortable between them. Two hours later, Amber asked if she could stay over.

‘I really don’t want to be alone tonight.’

‘Yeah sure, take the spare room.’

Amber had done that many times before.

‘Just be aware I’m out the house very early. I’m covering a court case late morning.’

‘So why the early start? Can’t you just head straight there?’

‘The boss wants to have a word with me.’


‘My thought’s exactly. It’s never good news behind his closed doors.’

They parted to their separate rooms at the top of the stairs. Soon the nightmare of work would start.