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Three Part Harmony by Angel Payne

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Playing Musical Chairs: The Fun of creating THREE-PART HARMONY, and what the next stanza is going to sound like…

I’m so grateful to the wonderful team at RomCon for allowing me the chance to talk a bit more about my debut novel for Loose Id, THREE-PART HARMONY.

The response for the story has been nothing short of a humbling and amazing experience. The reader reviews and the critical praise has meant so much, especially when I see that people seem to “get” and love the Triumvirate of Torrid, David, Dasha and Kress. Characters are key to me. They matter even more than the sex (yes, believe it or not!) and I do pour my own heart and soul into them, to try and make them diverse, interesting people. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially when your heroine is a pop star! Suffice it to say…I’ve never been a pop star. People, you don’t even want to hear me sing in the shower, believe me!

In the 3 months since TPH got released, I’ve fielded some questions from readers that often made me laugh, and certainly made me smile. They are queries I haven’t had the chance to answer in a public forum before now—and I thought this would be a good place to do so. It’s a really random selection, so thanks for bearing with the subject hopping!

--Why did you pick the world of pop music for this book’s setting?

I decided to start with an easy one! The answer is: because I’m familiar with this world. I worked in the music biz for a good stretch of time. My college internship was at one of Los Angeles’ leading alt rock stations. I wrote reviews for a dance music magazine for a while, and was a personal assistant for a record producer.

--The piercing scene is hot! Did you write it from personal experience?

That scene was a complete fantasy. It came straight from my imagination!

--Where did you get the idea to put a Dominance/submission play dungeon into an Antebellum mansion?

I’ve been dying to answer this one! I live in Southern California and I practically grew up at Disneyland. New Orleans Square, and especially The Haunted Mansion, are personal faves. (As a matter of fact, the first place I ever made out with a boy was in a Haunted Mansion “doom buggy!” No lie!) The romance of the place cannot be denied. Little teaser: there WILL be more stories set at The Mansion Club, the fictional dungeon I created in Los Angeles for the last scene of Three-Part Harmony. The first Dom I’m going to feature there is Josh Pennington, David’s brother.

--Will Raife, Phillip and Mary get their own book?

I’d never thought of those three having their own story, since they’re so happy together already, but people really enjoyed reading them, so I’m toying with the idea of featuring them more. I did love their chemistry too, and I’m glad they clicked with so many readers.

--Will we ever see Madame Laurelle in another book?

She’s so mysterious and intriguing. She is, isn’t she? I have to admit, I love Laurelle. She is based on a real-life Domina I know (different name, of course)—but every time I see the real-life woman, I just want to sit her down and get into her head. I’d love to know what her path has been like, where she’s been, why she does what she does. Her sessions are sheer magic to watch.

--What’s next for David, Kress and Dasha?

Well, Dasha has a tour to finish—ha ha—and after that, they’ll be off to the Bahamas to make an appearance in my next book, PERMANENT MARKER, which will be released November 13th!

--Why did you decide to feature Mark Moore as the hero of that book? He seemed to be a real douche bag in TPH.

This is one of my favorites to come in. *Smile* I’m going to be very honest: I’d never anticipated that Mark would blossom into getting a full book of his on. But redeemed men are one of my favorite themes, and I loved the personal journey that Mark took in TPH. At the end of the book, he realizes that he’s been a pretty awful dad. Permanent Marker lets you see where those realizations have brought him…that he realizes he was burying his grief in work, and evading Dasha to hide from his real feelings. In Permanent Marker, we see him take all that and use his new knowledge to fall in love again. It’s SO sigh-worthy…or at least I hope so!

Thanks so much for the chance to come on and talk about Three-Part Harmony! If you haven’t read the book, I hope that you’ll give it a try.

**Respond to this post to have the chance to win a $10 Amazon credit—now how awesome is THAT for helping you buy the book? *grin* If ménages aren’t your thing, then hold on because November 13th is coming, and that’s the day you’ll get something a little more “traditional” (ha ha) with Mark Moore and his feisty heroine, Rose Fabian.

I also hope to see everyone at RomCon 2013, in Colorado! I’ll be there with bells on!