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Saturday, January 04, 2014


From @PitchitPerfect...You keep your #iPhone5S. I want a #Lisa738 tablet for Christmas.

Anyone who noticed my brother’s tweet and decided to shop for the tablet quickly hit a dead end. Shopping for digital devices during the month of December can be challenging and, in this case, extremely frustrating for both sales associates and customers. A few puzzled sales associates may even have checked the store database. One thing is certain: They did not find a Lisa738 tablet on any database or anywhere else on this planet.


Because it exists only in my novel, Between Land and Sea.

While planning the novel, I toyed with different fantasy elements and wondered what advantage I could bestow upon the once beautiful Isabella who had given up her tail and lost her mermaid powers.

A magic wand came to mind, but I quickly dismissed a possibility often associated with a fairy godmother or benevolent elder. In this case, there was no such elder. Annabella, Isabella’s grandmother and elder of the Mediterranean kingdom, reacted savagely to her granddaughter’s defection, aging her thirty years and adding twenty pounds to her slender frame.

I let several ideas percolate and then settled on a magic tablet with online mermaid support. For twelve months, Barbara would have access to Lisa738, a Numbers Mermaid programmed to provide basic and Specialist Skills.

When we first meet Lisa738, the online mermaid appears robotic as she instructs Isabella on how to use the tablet. Within seconds, the ions from ten basic buttons are absorbed into Isabella’s brain and provide her with enough information to survive as Barbara Davies, her new earth identify.

Later in the novel, Barbara discovers that she also has access to three Specialist Skills buttons. For her first Specialist Skill, Barbara selects the ability to whip up any dish in any cuisine. Originally, she wanted only advice on giving her first dinner party, but discovers the button allows her to be on an even plane with the likes of Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, and Nigella Lawson. With access to millions of tried-and-true recipes, Barbara can intuitively create and produce magnificent meals without even opening a cookbook.

Another interesting feature of the tablet is its powerful desensitization button. Intended to help Barbara overcome her fear of flying—a normal fear for all daughters of the sea—it also gets rid of any existing phobias and converts fearful and negative thoughts into positive ones. According to Lisa738, the desensitization button is equivalent to two full years of therapy.

When Barbara suggests that humans might benefit from the tablet, Lisa738 warns her that humans must never have access to mermaid technology: “Humans would abuse the power of the tablet. A few unscrupulous individuals would steal the tablet and use up all its powers. It would become ineffective in less than a week.”

Imagine having access to Lisa738 for an entire year. What Specialist Skills would you request?

One lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win a free ebook of Between Land and Sea. Good luck!