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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sucking Blood – Hot or Not?

We read about vampires all the time, and in current times, they’re always the dark, mysterious, yet sexy character that every woman wants desperately.

But the other day, I saw some candy for sale. It was in a blood bag and said B Positive across the front. Since I write about vampires, I was immediately drawn to it. I purchased a few; one for myself to try and the others to bring to a book signing where I’d give them away. Since I’m not big on sweet beverages anyway, it didn’t surprise me that I didn’t exactly enjoy it.

This experience had me think of today’s topic. Is drinking blood really that hot? I mean, if I’m actually thinking about biting through someone’s skin and sucking down their warm blood, I get a little grossed out. But when I think of a scene I wrote in Dissension (excerpt is below)… I liked it!

So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the fantasy that’s hot, not the actual deed. It’s like when I’m reading a historical romance and the brooding, autocratic male lead is so sexy.

But if I were to meet a man like that in real life, there’s no way we would end up getting together. What it all comes down to is that fictional fantasy we get into. In this fantasy world, we’re the hot babes (no matter what we eat) who attract the dark and domineering man who will sweep us off our feet and do things to us that no other man ever has. Is that reality? Uh… no way! But it certainly is a fun fantasy to keep us entertained.

So what do you think? When you read about vampires drinking blood, does it get you excited, or do you feel like throwing up? I’ve put an excerpt from Dissension below so you can read it and tell me if you enjoyed it or if it grossed you out. One lucky reader who comments on this blog will be randomly selected to win a free signed copy of Dissension. Good luck!

Exerting her body to jump to the side felt like moving through heavy molasses. Once on the side, The Hunger attacked her mind. Leisha felt her sanity strip one excruciating layer at a time. She screamed in agony and pulled herself into a fetal position to keep her body from doing something she’d regret.

“Listen to me,” Tafari shouted—he might have already said it a few times. “You know how quickly I heal, that I can easily recover from blood loss. What if I gave you just a quart or more of my blood? Would that curb you enough to regain control?”

It was a big risk, and Tafari knew it. Why was he allowing this? It went against everything he believed.

Leisha decided she was too desperate to worry about that. She needed blood, and Tafari was offering. She gasped out, “Okay.”

“I will cut very deep into my wrist so it will bleed for a long enough time. You will only drink until I have healed. No more.” Pulling out a knife, Tafari cut a deep gash on his arm. He grimaced at the pain, but it barely registered with Leisha. As soon as his knife left his wrist, her mouth was pressed to it. She drank quickly, sucking in as much as she could before his cut closed up.

Leisha slowly became more aware of herself, the tension in her body eased, her mind was her own again. She could feel Tafari’s blood pouring down her throat, and it felt amazing. His blood was slightly cooler than a human’s, and a lot sweeter. There was less of a coppery taste and more of a rich flavor that almost reminded her of chocolate.

His memories did not bombard her while she drank.

Unknowingly, Leisha had been moaning in pleasure at the exquisite taste of Tafari’s blood. Even when she realized it, she still could not seem to immediately stop herself from moaning; it was just too good. She could feel the veins closing up, and finally the skin. His cut now healed, Leisha leisurely ran her tongue along it. Nothing was going to waste.

When she finally looked up at Tafari, she saw that his eyes were filled with a look she was once familiar with, a look she had not seen in a long time—heated passion. His eyes shimmered with intense hunger and desire. Leisha’s stomach tightened, a wave of heat circulated through her body, it had nothing to do with his blood.

Reaching out, Tafari slowly pushed her hair off her face. Her cheek tingled where he touched; she shivered with desire, and Tafari’s body responded to it.

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