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Flirting With Fangs By Peg Pierson

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flirting with Fiction and Fantasy

Hello fellow vamp lovers! The idea for my novel, Flirting with Fangs, popped into my head during a hot shower. I was writing another story about a sexy vampire hero and started fantasizing that he had magically come to life in my bathroom…ready to ravish my body and worship my soul for all eternity…mmmm, yes..it was a good idea! No-a Great Idea! So I wrote a whole book about it.

I had a blast writing a book about fictional characters coming to life. Writing from their perspective was challenging. And pretty funny. If you enjoy Mary Janice Davidson or Katie MacAlister I believe you will get a kick out of Flirting with Fangs. If I had to compare it to movies I would say it’s a combo of ‘Romancing the Stone’ and Night at the Museum.’

I read once that Laurel K. Hamilton almost bought one of her main characters, Jean-Claude, a Christmas present! He had become so real to her she forgot for a moment that he didn’t really exist. Have you ever felt that way about a favorite character? I know I have.

My daughter and I often talk about our favorite characters like they are real people. We laugh about things they say, and wonder what pitfalls await them. Sometimes we are even moved to tears. I think I went through three boxes of Kleenex while finishing the final Harry Potter book! In a way that kinda makes ‘em real! Don’t you think? If we love them and care about them and think about what will happen to them next, they become a part of us, a part of our lives….

Who is your favorite paranormal character? And what would you do with that vampire or werewolf or fairy if you could bring them to life?

Fangs and Kisses,