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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is it cheating?

I’m a romance lover. But since you’ve come to this site, I suppose you’re, too. Now tell me one thing: Did you ever fall in love with a hero from the books you read? You’re laughing now, aren’t you? Yeah, I’m sure you do, because you’re probably just like me and fall in love with the hero in every new book you read. What’s your favorite type? I love guys who’re tall, stubborn to the core, and who don’t hesitate to rip the world down to get the woman they want. And guess what! The literary world is littered with them… :-)

Once you’re sucked into a good romance, does it happen to you that you’re dreaming yourself into a nice situation with the hero? It happens to me all the time, and those daydreams are not always G-rated, LOL. Now, I’m happily married, we have a house, a child, and lead a good and solid life. Why do I dream of other guys then? The simple answer is because I think in this whole wide world, there’s no man as perfect as they come in a nice romance. The (mostly female) authors hit our taste to a scary accuracy, and it’s just too easy to dream of perfection, is it not? I would know…I write about it. ;-)

And believe me, it’s not the looks that draws us women in. They may come blond, black, or red-haired, thin or bulky, with our without tattoos. They can be dressed in a tuxedo or wearing the pattern of a Highland clan. Heck, they may as well wear just a loincloth. And really, who cares if he’s called Bob or Adarian? What really matters is their character. Their way of going on about the things they want, especially about their girls. Most of all, seduction shows in dialogue, and I believe hardly any woman can resist when a man lowers his voice so she’s the only one able to hear him in a room full of people and tells her how much he’d love to run his hands over the tight curves of her body under that party dress. It’s that little bit of danger they make a woman feel when they don’t care about the rest of the world but only about their own desires. The irresistible and tempting demand they approach their ladies with.

When we write those characters, we have hours on end to come up with the most seductive dialogue and ensnaring behavior which really makes an impact. In reality…well, a man wouldn’t think about anything longer than a half-second before answering, would he? And their answers are very often not as romantic as we hope for them to be. There’s no red rose hidden behind his back when he comes through the door, wearing only jeans and nothing…

So when I close the next awesome romance or finish another chapter of my own novel and shut my eyes, I’m sure there will be this amazing hunk—in my case he will be some fallen guardian or an archangel—reaching out for me and dragging me down to the sandy ground on the beach, eating me up with his hungry eyes before he kisses me senseless while the waves crush over us.

But since this is all just happening in our minds…is it cheating? And should our husbands or boyfriends know about their imaginary rivals? In fact, I once asked my husband if he could please read Kerrelyn Sparks’ The Undead Next Door and then be just like that guy in the book, LOL.

“You want me to play vampire with you?” he asked.

Yeah right, vampire, angel, werewolf, whatever. I didn’t expect him to grow fangs or come to our bedroom with a set of wings, as long as he turned into a deeply seductive man who made me blush with every second word he said… You might guess, he never read the book.


But it’s okay. I’ll just keep on dreaming. ;-)

And now I’m curious. What are your thoughts on this matter? Ever been caught cheating with a character from a book? ;-)

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