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Love and Premonition By Holley Trent

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Real-life Fantasy

When I wrote Love by Premonition, my goal was to have the story feel like a sassy contemporary. Although it’s a paranormal romance (amongst other things) I didn’t want this particularly story to read as overtly fantastical—I wanted it to feel like if you met my characters in real life, their quirks and gifts would seem like perfectly normal things. And maybe readers would wonder, “Hmm…could I have a little something extra, too?”

That’s how I ended up with a reluctant psychic, an immigrant detective with a questionable past, and a bunch of loud-mouthed secondaries who seem to revel in amping my heroine’s frustration level into the stratosphere whenever they can.

Here’s a bit of my major characters—psychic police consultant Marcia Andrews, Detective Nat McCoy, and Detective Laura Hannigan—in the thick of things…which is to say they’re bickering. (As usual!) Do these seem like people you’d know in real life?
From Love by Premonition

I gave Nat a blank look. “I’ve been trying to call you all weekend, Detective McCoy.”

He ground his bottom jaw left, then right, and then managed, “I’m aware of that, Marcia.”

“Jerk. This isn’t witness protection.”

“No, although I do think you could benefit from some supervision, since you’re obviously running low on self-preservation.”

“Really?” I let my voice dip down about an octave and narrowed my eyes at the smug bastard. “Whose supervision?”

Nat opened his mouth, but Laura held a finger up to shush him.

“Ignore him, Marcia. He wants to fight, and I’m too damned tired to hear the squabbling. If you two want to argue, I’ll just leave him here for an hour and come back after I’ve had my coffee.”

“No. I’m not in such a great mood, either. I’ve got ghosts yelling at me in my sleep, so let’s just go. If we’re going to fight, shall we do it in the truck? I’d like to be sitting for it.”

Nat’s face softened as I pulled my room door closed and tested the lock.

He took my bag from me and put it over his shoulder as we descended the staircase to the parking lot. Once on ground level, he grabbed my elbow and had me wait until Laura got about a dozen paces in front of us.

“Have sleeping problems often?” he asked in a near whisper. His tone was so probing and sincere, I squashed my bubbling sarcasm back down into its pit.

“The visitations? No. It’s something that’s come to a head lately.” I leaned against the rear passenger side door of the SUV and studied his expression. His jaw was grinding again. “Do you know what that means? Visitation?”

“Yes, Marcia.”

Laura climbed up into the truck and closed the door, so I asked in my usual volume, “You’re sensitive to ghosts, aren’t you? Can you see them?”

He leaned against the truck in front of me so his back blocked Laura’s view of my face. “No. I mean, yes, I can generally sense them, but no, I can’t see them. They don’t bother me.”

“Lucky. I don’t even know who the hell they are. There’s been a stream of them pelting me non-stop, and honestly, Nat, my brain is starting to feel a bit like Swiss cheese. I’m exhausted, so you have to excuse me if I’m a bit gruff.”

“Well, I guess I deserve gruff after this weekend, but I think you’ll forgive me for acting like that someday.”


The show-stopping smile that had been missing all morning took the stage of his face finally. It was like the sun had come out and I realized I had missed it. “Because you’re my girlfriend in my imagination.”

About Love by Premonition:

The psychic didn’t go looking for love, but she should have seen it coming.

Marcia Andrews is a freelance psychic consultant. Sick of living hand to mouth, she accepts a contract with Raleigh Police. A new gang called The Cardinals is terrorizing The Triangle, and Marcia gives the department an edge in tracking them. Help that she is, one cop isn’t so keen on her involvement, and makes sure she knows it.

Detective Nat McCoy would rather see Marcia in his bedroom than the bullpen. The gorgeous Scotsman isn’t the typical chauvinist pig, though. He’s keeping a secret that even the psychic doesn’t anticipate.

A close encounter with a Cardinal’s bullet knocks Marcia off her game when the police need her most. She loses hours to trances and ghosts haunt her sleep. She can hardly function, and everything she thought she knew about playboy McCoy suddenly seems questionable. McCoy thinks he knows the cure for what ails her—him. But can she trust him?
Love by Premonition is available for purchase now at all major e-retailers and the Musa Publishing web store.

For more about Holley Trent and her sassy Southern romances, please visit her website holleytrent.com or follow her blog, holleytrent.com/blog. Chat with her on Twitter where she tweets under the handle @holleytrent.

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