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Mass Market Appeal by Margot Justes

Saturday, March 29, 2014

On a whim, as if by magic Devane came to Chicago in the dead of winter. What she finds in the windy city alters her life for eternity.

I’d like to introduce Blood Art, my first paranormal romance. It’s a story about vampire Nikolai Volkov, an obsessive art collector and his fight for happiness. In his path stands an evil spirit imprisoned in the Mona Lisa. I had a lot of fun writing this one, and I happen to love writing about art.

I’ve been told by some agents and editors that because I write about art I’ll never be
main stream, it’s a small niche market and placement would be difficult. I began to believe that I could never be main stream, and would never reach many readers.

I was new to the business, and that left me wondering if I was on the right path. Should I change? What did I want to do with my writing career? Finally, I decided there is nothing wrong with not being main stream, and that readers will eventually find me, it will just take longer. I decided to stay the course.

I write what I love, and so what if it doesn’t appeal to every person? You can’t please everyone. My heroine is an artist, and I write about art, travel, a bit of mystery and a lot of romance. Niche market, right? I don’t think so. Art is everywhere.

I just spent a week on a cruise, and prior to boarding the ship, I spent a couple of nights in New Orleans. I’ve often wondered, and finally asked myself the question. If art is so ‘niche market’ why are we surrounded by art? It’s in the hotel room, in the lobby of the hotel, on the street, in the garden, even on board a huge cruise ship, on every deck from one side of the ship to the other, and in every cabin. It is absolutely everywhere we turn.

Niche market indeed.

In every corner on board ship there was art in many mediums, prints, oils, glass, clay, and everything in between, even an art auction. More to the point people paid attention. One woman thought they changed the art work daily, not so. It just depended on which side of the ship, and what deck you happen to be on. That told me she paid attention. Some people stopped to read about the artist, some glanced at it and smiled, some frowned, or seemed puzzled, some just nodded, while others just glanced at a particular piece and moved on.

Art surrounds us, and it’s important to our well being, otherwise why hang it everywhere possible, even in places we may only spend a night. Why put statues in parks, streets and buildings? I firmly believe because it matters, it’s therapy whether we acknowledge it or not. It’s there to please us, annoy us, make us frown or smile, make us think, and talk about it.

Even if the purpose is to fill in a blank wall, because otherwise the walls would look bare, and something would be missing. We would notice something was amiss. It’s there because we would notice if it wasn’t.

Art is subjective, what I consider beautiful, someone else might not. We make a value judgment, but the judgment is based on us noticing that it’s there in the first place.

We don’t need to be scholars to appreciate a piece of art, or for that matter dislike it. The important part is that somehow it reaches us on some level. On this trip, I finally decided, my writing definitely is not for a niche market. I’m now an indie author, and I know it will take longer to gain name recognition, but as someone recently told me; ‘don’t worry about anything, keep writing, and readers will find you.’

Sound advice, and one I’m delighted to follow, because I’m telling stories I love writing.
I’m also exceedingly happy to announce that A Hotel in Bath was nominated for the In'Dtale Magazine RONE award. If you would like, please take a moment and vote, it would be greatly appreciated. My genre is mystery, and voting ends March 30th.



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