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My Magic Mate By Caryn Moya Block

Saturday, April 27, 2013

When Lycans and Magic Mix, Love is the only answer.

I had so much fun writing this story. Brencis and Meadow continued to delight me while they found a way for a lycan who is allergic to magic to mate with a witch.

My Magic Mate – Excerpt for RomCon.

Brencis “Bren” Solovyov, Siberian lycanthrope, stared in horrified fascination and amazement at the petite woman who clerked at Magic Herbs. Today, her hair was purple and stuck out like spikes in all directions. Maybe it was supposed to match the net tutu and purple, sparkly fairy wings she wore or possibly the combat boots. He shook his head in confusion. Every time he came into the store, the girl had on some outrageous costume. What would she look like without a crazy getup?

The clerk looked up and gave him a bright smile. For a minute, the world shifted. Brencis forgot about her crazy hair and funny shoes. Her smile was warm and lit up the fine features of her face. Her violet eyes sparkled with merriment. She stood only as high as the bottom of his chin. Her figure was slim, and he liked the way her lavender T-shirt set off the color of her eyes. She looked beautiful, and he imagined she resembled the fairies she portrayed. He wanted to bask in her sunny happiness.

Then, one of the purple spikes fell over her eyes, and he was reminded where he was—in a crazy store, surrounded by crazy people. Didn’t this same woman look like a vampire last week? Brencis grimaced. Two weeks ago, she had been dressed as a dryad, complete with green hair and silk leaves sewn on her clothing.

But her amethyst-colored eyes seemed to draw him in, mesmerizing him as they looked into his soul. She touched him in a way no one ever had. Shaking his head to break the spell, he hoped Melisande appreciated what he went through to bring her favorite tea home.

“Hi, Mr. Solovyov. Getting tea for your cousin again?” the clerk asked.

“Yes, like every Wednesday,” Brencis answered as he tried to remember the clerk’s name.

Was it Rainbow or Meadow or Willow, something like that? He really should remember.

It was good practice for his job. The clerk had remembered his name ever since the second time he appeared in her store. Brencis flushed with guilt as he handed her his credit card and waited for her to put it through the card machine.

“I want to give you a free sample of a new product I am thinking of carrying,” she said.

Not really understanding why, Brencis stood there as she put a small, brown-glass bottle into his hand and pushed it up to his lips. As he opened his mouth to ask what it was, she emptied the liquid onto his tongue, and he swallowed reflexively.

“You always seem so alone, and I thought if anyone might be able to use this potion, it would be you,” she continued.

Brencis felt heat on his tongue and wanted to scream like a cartoon character with flames coming out of its mouth. Then, the potion went down, and he felt nausea start to roil his stomach. Sweat began streaming down his face.

“You've poisoned me!” he yelled as he ran toward the front door, hoping he would make it before the Chinese food he ate for lunch came bursting out. Pushing past the people in the crowded aisle, Brencis grabbed the door and ran outside. He saw a metal trashcan and shoved the lid aside as his stomach heaved. He vomited into the container.

“Oh, Mr. Solovyov, are you okay? Brencis? I didn't know it would make you sick. I would never have given it to you if I thought it was dangerous. Are you allergic to any herbs, or do you think it might be the powdered rose quartz I put in it?”

Brencis rubbed a hand across his mouth as he glanced back over his shoulder. He couldn't believe he was standing here on the street, being sick, while the purple fairy from hell tried to console him. He was still shaking and wondered if his stomach would rebel again.

“Look, Rainbow.”

“It's Meadow,” she interrupted

“I think you've done enough.”

Brencis grabbed the sides of the can, as his legs began to wobble and the sun started to darken. He wasn't going to faint, dammit. He was a lycanthrope. Lycans didn't get sick, and they didn't faint.

There was a flash, and a golden cord of light slammed into his chest. The only reason that would happen was if he truly had been poisoned. Then he saw where the cord led and groaned in despair. The woman who was dressed like a purple fairy and who had just poisoned him was his mate. Brencis let the dark take him and slumped to the sidewalk.

Thank you, RomCon, for hosting me today. One lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win an autographed paperback copy of My Magic Mate and a swag pack. Good luck!

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