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No Such Thing As Immortality By Sarah Tranter

Saturday, March 09, 2013

NO SUCH THING AS IMMORTALITY is the first in the No Such Thing paranormal romance trilogy. It is written solely from the male point of view ― that of vampire, Nathaniel Gray.

Nathaniel, or Nate, Earl of Ridings, has been a vampire for nearly two hundred years. Living in relative seclusion from society as a whole, he spends much of his time on his isolated Derbyshire estate with four other vampires.

When Nate crashes (literally) into the very contemporary, very strong-willed Rowan Locke, he is forced to make dramatic changes to his existence. He loses a defining vampire power to control what he chooses to feel. Furthermore, he finds himself feeling the emotions of fiery Rowan for himself.

What follows is his attempt at courting a strong, modern-day human female, whilst endeavouring to come to terms with feeling emotion again ― both his and hers. And then there is his need to protect Rowan, which becomes desperate and at all costs, as danger emerges to threaten her from unexpected quarters.

Writing from the male perspective was something I never sat down to do. However, when Nate started talking to me in the very early stages of the book, I had no choice but to give it a go. I very tentatively tried a scene from his perspective ― and he wouldn’t let me stop. From that point on, it became his story.

It was a scary prospect though. After all I’m not a man. But there again, neither am I a two hundred year old vampire. But I’m glad to say, he held my hand throughout. Certainly, the plot line to this story helped soothe my initial nerves. Nate shares Rowan’s emotions for much of the action, ensuring the reader gets access to what she is feeling, too. That is, of course, if Nate interprets her feelings correctly. Which, needless to say, is not always the case.

The humour within the book had a soothing impact upon me as well. It was something I found impossible not to include. Nate is a very intense, complicated character who finds himself in situations which are incredibly trying. What he feels for Rowan is not your usual love ― it is deeper, more intense, more all-consuming than a human man might feel. Or perhaps it is simply true love? Humour helped to diffuse some of the tension.

Nate led the way on this story ― and I was delighted to let him. In fact, he more than led the way. It is HIS story and was fabulous fun to write. Nate will always hold a place in my heart. In the heart of readers, too, by the sounds of things ― something I am obviously delighted about. I consider myself privileged to be spending more time with him presently as I work on the sequel. He is talking to me again in that Darcy-esque way of his ― and I’m rather loving it.

No Such Thing as Immortality is published by multi-award winning publishers, Choc Lit. First released in the UK in January, it became available in the US this week.

‘Yeeeesssss!! I just thrashed your anally retentive arse!’ James’ voice sounded in my head, whilst my ears took in both the roar of his passing car and the snorts of a fast-retreating badger. There were no tail-lights to see, because they weren’t on. The potent scent of burning rubber momentarily merged with that of wild honeysuckle as I raced past the hedgerows.

More of James’ silent, yet expressive words entered my head. ‘How could tonight have possibly been more fun had I left you rotting away in that damned tower of yours? Actually, you rotting away … okey-dokey, but your car, sat barely touched in the garage – now that’s a travesty!’

My driving provided the comeback. I calmly lowered my right foot, bringing the speedometer reading to 115 mph, fractionally adjusted the steering wheel to avoid the young shrew skittering across the road, and edged past James’ flame-red Lamborghini Aventador on the inside of the country bend.

I grinned. Were I more like James, I would no doubt be punching the air and exclaiming, ‘Sweet!’ But he did have a point. We had been driving in a similar vein for the past hour, and I would allow there was some amusement in our activity.

‘Shit! Shit! Shit! I’m glad one of us found that move amusing. Hold that thought though, sweet my man, did it zero justice! But …’

He was laughing like a hyena as he passed, and punching the air. ‘Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!’ he gleefully gloated. ‘Sweet back to you, mate! And, on the long straight after the next corner, you ain’t going to see me for dust.’

I put my foot down in rise to the challenge – just as an extraordinary metallic crushing sound ripped through my senses.

Instinctively, my foot was off the accelerator and smashing the brake pedal to the floor – probably through the floor with the force applied.

And then there was … eerie silence. I watched the standard-specification airbags inflate as if in slow motion, and found myself absorbed by the thin wisps of smoke that appeared and began their slow, surreal pirouettes through the air before my eyes.

It was my eyes, refocusing on the view through the glass, that brought reality crashing in. On the bend in the road, about one hundred yards before me, a green car, old by the look of its non-metallic paint, was resting on a wooded bank between two trees. Its back end was crumpled, its make indeterminable – but it had clearly been shunted from

Not possible. Absolutely. Not. Possible. There was a moment of unfamiliar confusion …

And then I was engulfed.

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