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Once By Dana Michelle Burnett

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Gypsy Way

I am such a television freak. I watch everything from reality television to documentaries on ancient Egypt. Actually, the inspiration for my new series came from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and the glimpse it offered into the traveller way of life.

I sat there one night watching the preparations for this amazing wedding and wondered what if this secretive society was guarding an even bigger secret? The idea just wouldn’t go away. Over the next couple of days, I kept coming back to it. What if?

I searched Ireland’s history and came up with the legend of the Tuatha De Danann and suddenly it all made sense. Why not have the travellers hiding a group descended from the original Tuatha De Danann? Why not have the Tuatha De Danann use their magical abilities in a “Carnival of Wonders”? And every mythical group needs an adversary; why else would they have to hide? And of course there has to be a love interest just to complicate things more!

Here is the synopsis so you can understand why I am so excited.


Beautiful. Secretive. Magical. You envy their freedom, but you are distrustful of their ways. A strange carnival has come to Corydon, Indiana and the Irish Travellers have captured the small town's attention--but it's Harmony who's attracted theirs.
Harmony sees the Travellers everywhere and just like everyone else in town she's curious. But once she meets the mysterious and captivating Kieran, Harmony's life takes an exciting and chilling turn.

Up until now, Harmony never believed that fairy tales or myths were real, but Kieran and his family belong to an ancient tribe called the Tuatha de Danann and someone else has discovered their secret.

An ancient battle is about to begin again, and now no one is safe, especially Harmony.

Can Kieran resist the urge to be with her or will his feelings put her in the crossfire?


The bumpy dirt road leading out to old man Macready’s farm was dark, but still I turned off my truck’s headlights and slowed down to a crawl. I leaned forward and peered out at the darkness, squinting to see anything at all.

I could feel Kieran watching me from the passenger seat. I didn’t turn to see his expression, but I could feel him near and close.

“What?” I whispered without taking my eyes off of the road.

“I get the feeling that we’re not supposed to be here.”

“You would be right,” I said with a laugh. “A bunch of us kids used to come out here back in high school and more than once he chased us off.”

Kieran laughed as well and moved closer on the seat, “How would he chase you off?”

“He’d shoot at us with bird shot,” I said glancing over at him and just being able to make out his shocked expression.

I pulled the truck to a stop just as the road ended. I shut off the engine and got out, standing in the tall woody weeds.

“The pond is just on the other side of the trees,” I said as Kieran came around the truck.

Not giving myself time to think about it, I reached over and took his hand and started walking through the trees.

Easy Harmony... It’s just his hand... You’re just showing him the way... It doesn’t mean anything...

Despite the conversation in my head, I still trembled as our fingers intertwined. I didn’t look back at him, but I held his hand a little tighter.

“When I graduated from high school, and everyone else went off to college, I used to come out here by myself before Grandma got so bad.”

“What was that like? Coming out here all alone?” Kieran asked as he followed close behind.

“It was great,” I said with a quick glance back. “It was so quiet I could just forget everything else. I didn’t have to think. I didn’t have to take care of anyone. I didn’t have to do anything and there would be all these butterflies just flying around. I could sit and watch them for hours.”

“Sounds beautiful.”

“It was,” I said. “Have you ever noticed you never see butterflies that much anymore? I miss them.”

Oh God... That was a stupid thing to say...

Kieran pulled at my hand to stop me just as we reached the edge of the trees.

“Is something wrong?” I asked as I turned around.

“No,” Kieran said as he took my other hand as well and then tilted his head back and closed his eyes. “Just wait.”

Suddenly, into the air rose a cloud of orange and black butterflies. They fluttered all around us, landed on my arms and shoulders.

I looked at him amazed, “How did you do that?”

Kieran stepped forward and brought his lips down on mine in a feathery soft kiss. When I opened my eyes, the butterflies were gone.

“Magic,” he whispered and backed away.

Can you see now why I’m so excited? This series is just going to be so much fun! What do you think about a group of travellers hiding this magical tribe?

One lucky reader who comments on my blog will be randomly selected to win an e-book copy of Once. Good luck!