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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Five Things I Love About Writing & Reading Paranormal Romance

1. The heroes are HOT!

Seriously, have you ever read a PNR that didn’t have a smoking hot hero? Whether the guy is a vampire, a werewolf or another sort of creature, PNR heroes are undeniably hot. (In my free novella, Queen of Hearts, my hero is a gargoyle who’s also ex-military. DELISH.) Not to mention broody, dangerous and often in need of a little rescuing themselves. Which brings us to the heroines…

2. The heroines aren’t shrinking violets!

At least in the books I write, my heroines are equal partners to the heroes, even if they’re human. I love a well-balanced relationship and PNR typically delivers. The heroine might be a damsel in distress, but chances are good she’s already making an attempt at saving herself. It’s just easier with the hunky hero at her side.

3. Anything can happen!

Anything. It’s paranormal! I love the unexpected, the possibilities, the never knowing what’s around the corner. Now that’s fun reading. (And FUN writing.) When’s the last time anyone turned into a dragon in a contemporary romance? Never, that’s when. Just saying.

4. It’s an escape!

I love how PNR takes out of your life and transports you to a different place. It might be an alternate world, our world with a twist or even a different plane of existence. Wherever the story takes you, it’s always a fun ride. And you never have to leave your house.

5. Love conquers all!

Sure, this can be said for any romance, but in a PNR, the odds often seem insurmountable in a whole new kind of way. He’s a vampire, she’s human. He’s a werewolf, she’s allergic to dogs. Kidding! But you get my drift. When the final resolution comes and everything is made right, it feels like a major barrier has been torn down. Paranormal romances give us some outstanding finales!

If you love PNR like I do, check out my free novella, Queen of Hearts! It’s a fun read and my gift to all those readers out there who love the genre as much as I do.