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Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Taking Our Talents for Granted

Have you ever had your own talents turn on you?

I’m guessing most of us will have to answer “Yes” to that question. How many times do we mindlessly take our talents or skills for granted? You know those moments where we’re so sure we know how to do something – and do it well! – that we just perform without conscious thought. Something we’ve done a thousand times. Only THIS time…

You leave the garlic out of the pasta sauce or the baking powder out of the cake. You sew the right arm onto the left side of the blouse [with tiny, tiny stitches, of course]. You drop a stitch in the crochet pattern but don’t notice until you’re fifteen rows down the pattern. It happens to all of us. [And if it doesn’t happen to you, please don’t disillusion me by confirming that I’m the only one in the world who does these things… all the time!]

My latest heroine, Christiana MacDowylt in WARRIORREBORN, has exactly this same problem. As a descendant of the Norse god, Odin, she’s gifted with the ability to see the future, either through dreams or reading the runes. She’s seen that the one man in the world who can save her is seven hundred years in the future so she’s bargained with a Faerie to have him sent back to her time. She’s done everything she can possibly do. Except that once he’s arrived, she needs to know what happens next in order to keep him alive. A while a quick reading of the runes gives her an answer, she realizes too late that her carelessly worded question may have doomed them both.

WARRIOR REBORN, which releases on October 30, is the second full novel in the Warrior series, following the MacDowylt and MacGahan Clans as they battle an ancient evil intent on taking over the world, changing their lives in thirteenth century Scotland – and the future – in the process. This series is a spin-off from the award-winning Daughters of the Glen series and many of the characters readers met there are making another appearance here.

It’s been almost a year since we first met the Warriors, in WARRIOR’S REDEMPTION, and though only a few days have passed for the characters, there are stories brewing in the background. One such story is presented in WARRIOR’S LAST GIFT, my first ever eBook only short story. LAST GIFT, a loose tie between the first and second books, goes live on October 2, telling the story of Eric MacNicol, captain of the guard for the MacDowylt, and Jeanne MacGhie Horvesson, the maid who befriended Dani in the first book.

I loved writing WARRIOR’S LAST GIFT and giving Eric and Jeanne the outcome they deserved, even if they WERE both so stubborn it was almost impossible! Both of them were bent on saving the other from pain…and in the process they made both their lives more difficult. I hope you’ll see for yourself how love that is meant to be will triumph. It’s available for pre-order now at Amazon, Barnesand Noble, and through my publisher, PocketStar Books.

And best of all? It’s only $1.99!! And, please, drop by my website at www.MelissaMayhue.com to keep up with the latest on the series [including family trees and the myths that inspired me] and be sure to sign up for my newsletter where I hold my best contests to celebrate release dates!

So, back to my original question… Have you ever had your own talents turn on you? Share with us one time when you’ve been in this situation and one lucky reader who comments on this blog will be randomly selected to win an autographed copy of WARRIOR’S REDEMPTION and WARRIOR REBORN!