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WHITE FIRE by Michele Callahan

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered what the heck happened? Thought to yourself, How the hell did I end up here?And where is this horrible here? Too fat? Too old? Too broke? Unaccomplished? Alone? Scared? Angry? Addicted? The list goes on and on. The optimistic six-year-old inside of us that dreamed of princesses, castles and knights riding their noble steeds is like a far-distant fantasy.

And when this moment hits us all, and it does find us all, what is it that we really wish was possible?

You know. Redemption. Another chance. A do-over. A fresh start.

Sometimes we can make that happen, and sometimes we can't. And I think that's why the redemption of our heroes in romance novels is so important to us. They aren't perfect, the fictional heroes we fall in love with. They're scarred, and broken, and they've been hurt. They've made mistakes, and paid for them. They've wounded other people, broken hearts, done things they're ashamed of, and genuinely messed up. Just like us.

Redemption. It's a powerful word, isn't it? And none know this better than Ajax, the Lost King of the Immortals. He lost a battle, watched his beloved Queen die at his enemies's hands, and then went into a berserker rage that not only cost him his freedom, but his very soul. He became the evil he fought against, the dreaded Triscani Hunters that you will meet in my Timewalker Chronicles. All in all, the poor guy had one heck of a bad day.

Ajax broke my heart more than the previous heroes had because he paid the dearest price of them all. He lost everything. And when his loyal crew followed the Triscani through a wormhole to travel back in time, to Earth, to do it all again, he lost even more. Because in this new timeline, the woman he loved no longer exists, the throne that was his has been taken by another, and the crew that served him so loyally betrayed him and locked him away.

How does anyone come back from that? Every romance reader in the world knows the answer to this question. It's the reason we read romance. One word. Love. Because with love comes forgiveness and hope, compassion and tenderness. Often, in fiction and in real life, we all just need someone to believe in us. Just one person, whether it's a mother or father, teacher or mentor, friend or lover, we just need one. One.
And then everything changes.

For me this magical list (and I know I'm darn lucky) has many names. My parents and my sister. My husband. My best friends and my critique partners. My 10th grade teachers, Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Gold. (I still think about one or the other almost every day and it's been, well, a few years.)

Tell me, who has made a difference in your life? Who is your mentor? Your cheerleader? Your best friend? I'd love to know.

Hugs and Happy Reading! - Michele Callahan

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Book Blurb for WHITE FIRE:

Ajax, The Lost King of the Immortals, sacrificed everything but his memories. After the Time Crux, the loss of his beloved Queen, and a horrifying defeat at the hands of the Triscani horde in the war on Itara, Ajax’s loyal crew played a desperate gamble...to go back in time on Earth and try to change things. But they trusted the wrong man, and Ajax has spent the last seven hundred years locked in a prison with no key. The battle approaches at long last, yet he remains weak and tortured, a prisoner to his own dark power. He didn’t simply lose to the evil Triscani…he became one of them.

The Triscani spent centuries searching for Emma Lawson. Their evil Hunters did everything they could to destroy her family's bloodline before she was ever born. They know who she is, so they hunt her. They know the power she yields, and they fear her. They know The Lost King will do anything to save her, and they would use his love to destroy him.

But Emma is human, not Immortal. She might be dangerously attracted to the newly freed Ajax, but her first priority is saving Earth from two warring Immortal races. Ajax believed himself in love with his Queen, but the woman he remembers no longer exists. This Timewalker will defy destiny, and she's not going to play by anyone's rules but her own.